Real Madrid Conspiracy Theory

This is a special case I want to share with all the leaks going on … what we have here is a YL conspiracy. Buckle your seat belts; Real Madrid fans take your pants off, the rest of Europe you might want to close your eyes. The next part of this story has been black listed due to the authenticity of my mind creating this scenario and me not telling anyone about it UNTIL NOW.




Real Madrid still a top 6 favorite to win the Champions League but the defending champs have looked less than their usual selves. With Ronaldo gone and the tandem of Bale and Benzema not bringing the goals Real Madrid seem to need a star that is going to take over offensively. There have been glimmers with Asensio and Vinicius Jr. but Madrid needs a change and they need it soon…

Here is my theory on how Real Madrid will win the Champions league and become the fierce European side we have come to know.


Currently the side that has two prime targets for Real Madrid is French champions PSG with Neymar and Mbappe. These two players are looking like the next generation of football with Messi and Ronaldo still getting up in age. The two decided to pair up in Paris and find European glory, this hasn’t really been the story so far after being knocked out early the last two years.


This year they find themselves in some new fire jerseys (Jordan GAH DAMN) and with even more star power. They are currently in some trouble in the media (again) for financial problems (AGAIN) and who knows if anyone is actually going to do something about it. BUT the Mbappe transfer and the Neymar transfer are both under some very suspect accusations and looks a bit messy. This could go as far as the transfers maybe being reversed or the club even being forced to sell them. All of this slop in the media, with their finances, and the recent leaks, whats really bad is that they aren’t looking too hot in Europe as well.

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 10.28.59 AM.png

They currently sit at third in one of the group of deaths with Napoli and Liverpool in front of them. Even after Liverpool’s shock defeat to Red Star, PSG still find themselves behind after drawing Napoli again. PSG find themselves in 2 must win scenarios against Red Star in Serbia and hosting the Reds of Liverpool. If they fail to qualify for the knockout rounds and allow Liverpool and Napoli to finish ahead of them we would see some of Europe’s biggest stars out of Champions league. Neymar and Mbappe have already won everything in France and the real goal is to win Europe and take the crown away from the Messi-Ronaldo dominance that has been happening over the last decade. With these two out of the Champions league and the new UEFA rule of being able to switch Champions league teams I wonder who has pockets deep enough for them…


Real Madrid find themselves in need of super stars to take over the offense and lets look at this lineup replacing Benzema and Bale with Neymar and Mbappe. We know Perez wont stand for this too long as he has made some block buster moves for Madrid don’t expect him to stop now.


Ouuuu yeah that looks like a team that’s dominating Europe. Juventus eat your heart out were coming for you. But no, by no means am I saying Madrid is going to get both, but I do believe with the news surrounding Mbappe’s transfer and if they get bounced from Champions league Madrid springing for one of the two (OR BOTH) would not be out of the question. Mbappe is a once in a generation player, as well as Neymar Madrid would have no problem scooping them up. With the money they have earned from winning the last three champions league, the money they saved on transfers through Zidane’s whole campaign, and the new kit deal worth over 1 billion dollars with Adidas money ain’t a thang. So there it is folks you heard it here first my promise of Real Madrid winning 5 straight Champions leagues is still alive.


As you know I am always right, I am never wrong, even when I am wrong I am right, 95% of the time every time I am right. Don’t believe it chat some shit with me on twitter. @Shopaaj

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