Real Madrid European Champions

Real Madrid 13 Time European Champions


Well another year of champion’s league football has come and gone and for the third consecutive year Real Madrid finds themselves taking the trophy home to Spain. Spanish football has continued its dominance of European football in the UCL and Europa league and this year is no different. After a 3 to 1 scoreline and some heart breaking injuries we got to witness one helluva final. I am not going to say it was a great game because lots of the game was very ugly but it was a very exciting game with lots of history being made.



First things first we hope for a speedy recovery with two players that had to leave the final early tears in their eyes hoping they will be alright for the world cup, so animo Carvajal and animo Salah. Now to the game the first half was absolute shit, lots of fouls not given, bad passing, bad decision making, a few decent chances but nothing to really make you sweat. The only thing the first half had was two injuries and making the people hungry for more excitement for the second half. Madrid’s defense for me was as good as it gets they were able to contain some what of Sadio Mane who had himself a day and added the goal for Liverpool, and were able to keep Liverpool relatively quiet off of set pieces which is a weakness for the whites.


Liverpool’s defense also had themselves a day keeping Cristiano Ronaldo extremely quiet and some beautiful tackling coming from the backline. Robertson and Lovren especially with two goal saving tackles in my opinion to rob Cristiano and Bale of goals. All around there were good performances from everyone except the man guarding the sticks for Liverpool. A very rare game where Karius finds himself looking nervous and making some key mistakes that did cost his side the game. He went on to apologize to the fans the club and handled it with a lot of class when he has to be more devastated than anyone else and I have a lot of respect for how he handled it.


Now just because Karius made mistakes doesn’t mean every team will be able to take advantage but Real Madrid in Champions league isn’t just your average team this is the competition where they will do anything to win it and with a great sub from Zidane to put Bale on and for Bale to create a magical goal that will forever live in history as one of the greatest UCL final goals goes to show you how much everyone in the team wanted this title. Now Bales form over the last month or two has been great and I think he deserved the start but Zidane had a plan and it worked so there isn’t much you can complain about. Bale was able to add a second becoming the first ever sub to score two goals in the champions league final, and Madrid secured history as they won their 3rd consecutive title for the first time in the champions league era.


This season for Madrid was looking a bit lack luster but after a performance against the greatest teams in Europe to show up and be able to defeat the Italian champions, French champions, german champions, and the highest scoring club in UCL history, you can’t help but see the greatness in this team and see how they will be remembered in the history of football forever.


13 titles for the Royal whites, 4 titles in the last 5 years, Zidane still has yet to lose a champions league campaign, and still Madrid will be seen as the enemy until someone finally steals the European crown back, but until that day comes Hala Madrid and now its time to focus on the world cup and protecting the title again.


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