Salah Contract Extension

Mohamed Salah, Liverpool’s star winger, recently signed a new contract with the club that will see him make about £200,000 per week through 2023 (as reported by The Guardian). It’s important for the club to reward players that have outperformed their contracts and it bodes well that Liverpool is doing right by their player in a timely manner. We saw a similar reward for Roberto Firmino earlier this year and reportedly Saido Mane is due for an upgraded contract too. Taking care of players helps Liverpool attract new players and helps keep existing players happy.


Being a Liverpool supporter myself, I’m incredibly happy to see Salah get rewarded. He had a superb season and his style of play fits very well with manager Jürgen Klopp’s tactics. I’m excited and hopeful that he will be around for years to come. He’s 26 years old and entering the prime of his career.


Having said all of that, he has only had 1 incredible season in his career. I’m hopeful that he can continue his run of form but am cautious about expecting too much. I think it’s critical that Liverpool signs some wingers in the transfer market to provide depth for the team. Salah played 52 matches last season and being able to reduce some of the team’s reliance on him will help his longevity.


Also, in addition to rewarding Salah with a boatload of money, the new contract reportedly does not contain a release clause. This is important as it gives Liverpool more power in negotiations should another club try to buy Mo. It doesn’t, however, mean that Salah is definitely going to be at the club through the remainder of his new contract.


Liverpool fans know especially well that signing a new contract doesn’t mean the player will be at the club forever. Luis Suarez signed a new deal in late 2013 and was sold to Barcelona before the end of 2014 (as reported by The Telegraph). Philippe Coutinho signed a new contract in January 2017 before being sold to Barcelona in January of 2018 (as reported by The Telegraph).


At the end of the day, every player has a price. And if a club wants to bid the magic number, Liverpool should and will sell. But the new contract for Mo Salah gives Liverpool more leverage and power in those negotiations. Liverpool was able to extract a hefty transfer fee from Barca in both the Suarez and Coutinho deals because they held the power in those negotiations.


Lastly, I expect the Reds to be very active in the transfer market between the end of the World Cup and the start of the Prem season. This contract is a natural first step to them building a squad that will legitimately compete for the Premier League title in the 2018-2019 season. I’m excited to see this roster take shape as the team has been able to keep the majority of its exciting core together. Props to Mo for earning this improved contract and props to Liverpool for rewarding him appropriately


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