Santiago Solari Real Madrid Permanent Manager

What’s good people you already know the deal I’m here to talk my shit because Real Madrid are back from the grave. Santiago Solari has just been given the permanent job as manager after straight runnin shit ,after the best start of any manager in Real Madrid history.

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Santiago Solari has been in the Madrid club since he was a player and his managerial career looks almost like an academy players. He started his managing career with the under 15s Real Madrid team in 2015, then quickly hopping the ranks in UEFA competitions to the under 18’s and the under 19’s. Finally, the following year (16-17) he took over for Real Madrid Castilla where he has been until now.


October 29, 2018 his appointment to the Real Madrid Senior team was like a dream debut for a young academy player. He was given a chance to make a difference even if it was only until they found a permanent coach. Solari took the chance, and he ran with it. The last four matches Solari has managed have resulted in four straight victories, a record broken for the best start by any manager for Real Madrid. The first three victories also coming with clean sheets Solari ball is gaining popularity and its coming fast. To be completely honest with you I think it is the hair, I mean to go from Lopetegui to Solari you just gotta give this guy respect with that thicc head of hair there.


While maintaining a 4-3-3 formation Solari has solved a defensive problem (That apparently Lope couldnt fix) with the introduction of some youth products he was working with at Castilla (aka he kinda cheated cause he already had these young guys workin for him). His use of the youth players is what really sticks out as we see Reguilon filling in for the injured Marcelo, and Vinicius jr. shining in his debut for both the league and UCL. The other thing to look at is how he is dealing with injuries and experimenting with different players in different areas. Dani Ceballos filling in for injured Casemiro in the game against Celta Vigo for example while Toni Kroos and Modric control forward. Bale is back on the left wing like his Hot Spur days. Solari is giving Madrid a solution not to say he has solved all problems and we will never lose again, but for now what Solari has been able to do with the players available on the squad is something to note after a disastrous start to the season.


Solari is fighting through many injuries just as Lopetegui was and even a few more as of now. With Isco just returning from injury, Marcelo out, Varane out, Carvajal out, Reguilon out, Nacho out, and Mariano out it is up to the manager to make sure he can rotate the right players. Some players may have to take a larger load of minutes and he has to be able to make that decision as of now Ramos and Benzema seem to be shining under Solari, with Kroos and Modric also giving their share of minutes. Little thing to keep an eye on is his use of Keylor Navas or rather lack of. This formula of balancing minutes, experience, youth, talent, is one that very few coaches seem to find, but for now Solari seems to have it down.


So congratulations Mr Solar continue to do great things. Chat some shit about it on Twitter @shopaaj

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