Scholes Takes Over Oldham

Would ya look at that. Paul Scholes: Manchester Legend, Salford Owner, and now manager of Oldham Athletic Football Club. This is by far one of the best things I have heard this year with regards to managerial decisions. As of right now you have Scholes, Skolsjaer, and Giggs have all taken on managerial roles and that just goes to show the class of players who understand the nuances of the game who have played under Fergie. I mean Gary Neville managed Valencia albeit not too well, and then you have Nicky Butt who is the head of Manchester United academy. It is safe to say that the “Class of 92” and Skolsjaer have done well since their playing careers have ended.


But this article is not about the “Class of 92” it is about Paul Scholes and his goals. An absolute savage as a player (yeah he fouled…a lot…and hard), and has all the potential to be a great manager. His currently managerial record is 1-0 thanks to his one game stint as caretaker manager of Salford City. He also served on the Manchester United coaching staff for a decent while under van Gaal, and while that was not the best time for United it definitely would have helped Scholes to understand what it takes to manage a football club.


The real test for Scholes is going to be keeping Oldham in the Football League. Yes, Oldham are currently sitting 14th in League Two and 13 points clear of the relegation zone. If Scholes manages to keep Oldham in League Two he could be looking at facing Salford City next year and that will be must watch football.


Scholesy going against the club he currently owns. I do not know how this is going to work. Does he want Salford to keep improving and racing through the divisions? Will he even be allowed to manage against Salford? Will he find a better managerial job? Who the fuck knows what is going to happen?


One thing I can say about Scholes is that he really isn’t bothered by all of it. He was a player who just wanted to get on with it and he is probably going to be the same way as a manager. I CANNOT WAIT FOR SCHOLESY INTERVIEWS, THEY ARE GOING TO BE A MEDIA/GIF GOLDMINE. All I can say is that the next year for Scholes is going to be one hell of a test and one hell of a ride. Enjoy the goddamn show.  


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