Shhhh… Arsenal is Winning

Alright keep your voices down I have secret…Arsenal is quietly getting results. I need it to stay that way. Mourinho please do not get sacked, I beg of you, because once that happens (I say in about three weeks, maximum) and if the Gunners keep winning then all eyes will be on Emery and this Arsenal squad.


Let us be honest for a minute, Arsenal had a shit start to the season, hell it took Emery three weeks to figure out that Auba and Laca feed off of each other and needed to be starting up top together. Mustafi is a complete liability at the center back position and with Sokratis going down we need Kos back more than ever. Holding has done a decent job filling in but when Kos gets back it needs to be him and Holding back there until Sokratis returns. Bellerin has looked like sh*t in my opinion. Is he good going forward? Yes 100%. Does he have the pace to get back into position? Yes. To me it is more of his defending ability, he lets crosses get in way too easily and just does not do a good enough job. Lichtsteiner is sitting on the bench can we at least give the man a run? Monreal has proven that he can play both outside back roles as well as center back and needs to be a regular in the squad.



Ramsey, Aaron Ramsey. This is a tough one, my first Arsenal jersey I ever purchased was his. There is just something about the Welsh. Rambo, however, has been playing like absolute horse manure for the last couple of games. He is constantly being dispossessed and just does not seem the same as the Rambo from a couple of years ago when he truly came back to form after his horrific injury. His lack of form is compounded by the fact that Granit Xhaka is somehow still in the lineup. Xhaka, do not get me wrong he has some bangers, just is not consistent enough for me to be a day in and day out player for the Gunners. Guendouzi, in my opinion, has proven himself as a player who can consistently compete at the Premier league level. He needs to have consistent matches at the highest level and that may not necessarily be the Europa league. The combination of Guendouzi and Torreria can succeed if Emery gives the two a chance to play together. I understand that we need a physical presence in the midfield and in my mind Torreria is that physicality that Arsenal need. Guendouzi can distribute the ball extremely well from short to long and he is constantly looking for the passes in the gaps that can break down defenses. Guendouzi also bagged a goal in Wednesday’s Europa League matchup. Hopefully he can continue to perform at this level and push Xhaka out of the spot.


Can we take a minute to just appreciate these gorgeous locks.

Now that my thoughts on the squad are out of the way it is time to talk about the form. This is the last thing I want to do. Arsenal has been quietly playing well and I would like to keep it that way by not drawing too much attention. Let the attention stay on Jose Mourinho and his failures as a manager at Manchester United so I will make this short and sweet.


Ozil is returning to form. Laca and Auba are an excellent strike partnership. Holding is holding it down in the back. Leno seems primed to become the new number one with Cech going down. Feel bad for Cech, but Leno should have been starting anyway. Mustafi is a goddamn traffic cone. Bellerin spends more time playing video games and worrying about his hair then focusing on football. Monreal is turning himself into an Arsenal man through and through. Kosc is ahead of schedule in his return after coming off Achilles repair. Sokratis is back and bagged a goal in Europa league on Wednesday. Emery has done a decent job after a horrific start and his gesticulations on the sideline are A+ television (not as good as Klopp or a sad Mourinho but entertaining nonetheless).


The Gunners are primed to play Fulham this upcoming Sunday. Good on Fulham for making it back to the Prem, they have been missed. This Arsenal should come away with this match from three points but ya never know and we could see a Wenger like regression…hopefully not.


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