The Costa Rican Samurai By: G. Lorance

Real Madrid have a storied history that is rivaled by very few in footballing history. With 12 European titles to there name, and some of the greatest players to ever play the game its hard to imagine that some people would talk down on a single player to pull on the shirt.


Keylor Navas replaced the legend Iker Casillas , and since then has come under a lot of scrutiny. Every goal keeper makes a mistake once in awhile, but when you play for one of the highest profile teams in the world, it puts you under the microscope immediately.


Real Madrid are always linked with at least one of the top goal keepers in the world. De Gea, Oblak, and Alisson to name a few. Last year Navas won every trophy available to him with the exception of the Copa Del Rey. When you win 6 trophies do you really need replacing?


The Champions League semi finals is the only two games you need to look at to understand his worth. Both games, Madrid should have lost, but through heroics from Navas, Madrid shut down the Gunslingers that are Bayern Munich and propelled his team to a much deserved win.


The one other shining example I can give you is, when Messi gives you an astonished did you really save that look, during a Clasico, you’re doing something right.


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