The Downfall of Die Mannschaft

What’s going on people?

I’m not going drag this one out into oblivion, it doesn’t take many words to describe the failure of the German National Team. But before I get into it, I want to make it perfectly clear, I am taking nothing away from the amazing performances of Mexico and Korea.


The easiest way to explain it is the trickle down effect. So starting at the top let’s look at some choices and calls that ultimately lead to the down fall of the reigning world champions.


  • Joachim Löw playing favorites to certain players like Özil and Khedira. Selecting them, benching them, and then putting them back in, in a win or go home situation.


  • Löw’s snubs. If you watched any part of the 270+ minutes played by Germany, you could easily deduce they could have used a speedy winger. Unfortunately Leroy Sane was left at home. This forced Timo Werner to make his way to the wings where he isn’t nearly as effective when another striker was brought on.


  • Speaking of other strikers, and snubs, Sandro Wagner would have been more ideal than Gomez. I don’t think I saw Gomez use his feet one time in the three games he featured in although known for his ability in the air we saw how clumsy the big man is when he tries to shoot with his feet.

(When you are about to pull a Messi and retire after losing)

  • Leadership, this also comes back to favoritism. Neuer was not ready to go, the captains armband should have been given to someone else, and Ter Stegen should have been between the posts. After a full season of play with one of the best clubs on the planet you think Neuer would have to earn the spot back from another great goalkeeper.


  • Aside from the stunner to Sweden, Toni Kroos was invisible. If you are year in and year out voted to the worlds best XI, this is your stage to prove it. He should take some lessons from his counter part in Madrid.


  • You beat full time squads last year at the Confederations Cup. While winning the Cup, the young unit looked sharper and even played to its strengths, like Werner running in behind back lines. Draxler and Kimmich led that team to victory. Goretzka and Brandt in the midfield were great, Sane on the wing was terrorizing defenses. So why make so many changes from what was working?


The trickle down effect, these examples remind me of another National team that didn’t even qualify, but still suffered, yes because of lackluster play, but also atrocious choices from the manager….. Let’s not talk about it.

Like the before mentioned team, I still love them, I still support them, I will wear there colors proudly, however, I see dark times ahead for Die Mannschaft. Most likely a coaching change and a rebuilding, that will likely mean the end of the road for some German players national team careers.


Agree with me, disagree, let me know on Twitter. @GlennLorance

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