The Korean Peacemaker By: G.Lorance

As I’m sure you all know North and South Korea have started peace talks, involving a denuclearization and unified Korea. Now there are people on both sides of the spectrum who want to give credit to many different people for these talks even beginning. Here, it doesn’t matter who you credit the crossing of the DMZ too, because there is only one real answer.


Son Heung-min the 25 year old Tottenham attacker is the real reason we are witnessing history. Signed for 22 million Son is the most expensive Asian player in history. In 92 games for the Spurs he has 30 goals and 15 assists. Quick maths, that’s being involved in a goal just about every two games. His 30 goals, which also make him the highest scoring Asian in EPL history, stand out because he scores more often that a successful middle test north of the DMZ.


The two footed, freaky fast, attacker is having the season of his life. He has been quoted saying he doesn’t care where he plays, as long as he’s out there. Often times he lines up as a left winger but in Harry Kane’s last injury stint even filled in as a striker. He also has a very good relationship with Dele Alli, the two interchange almost at will giving Tottenham a versatility of having three number 10s on the field.


With the World Cup quickly approaching, Son and his South Korean team, soon to be Just Korean team, can make some noise in Russia. Agree, disagree, you can find me @GlennLorance on twitter.

Peace, Love, and Positivity


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