The “PSG Project” …

The “PSG Project”

So apparently it is being called the “PSG Project” which is pretty much Pairs St. Germain shelling out millions of dollars to try and buy all of the top players in the world. This project sounds very familiar though…. Like maybe what they have been doing for the past 10 years… After their champions league debacle they are strolling their way to another French title but all in all I let down of a season after the purchase of the worlds most expensive player Neymar for over 200 million dollars and the young star Kylian Mbappe.


Now for this next project PSG is going to need a few of things. First things first they need a new manager. To get knocked out in the first round of the champions league is completely unacceptable when you spend well over 300 millions dollars on your team. The fact that you bought the third best player in the world who is having his way with the French league does not make you look too much better either. Granted they did draw Real Madrid and it was a hard matchup but Madrid didn’t make it look to bad as they went on to win 4-2. Now you can blame it on the Neymar injury or the fact that their coach did not know what to do against Madrid, but to me PSG just have not proven themselves to be a real threat in the champions league yet. Manchester City who are just now starting to accept the Pep system and dominate are living proof that you can not buy wins in the champions league. This is not me taking any shots at Manchester city this is just a fact there are players who have earned their stripes and can hit a different gear when it comes to the champions league.( Cristiano, Messi, Lewandowski…Yeah those are all big boy names)


So what do PSG need to do to become a legit European threat besides spend boatloads of money and get a new manager? This is the question that all clubs are asking themselves. What they need to do and I felt they were on the way to doing at the beginning of their campaign, is they need to get an all around aroma of winning. They have it in France, but when it comes to champions league the last two years they have choked against the big guys. They need to have that edge that all the other big teams have that make people shit their pants when they see they have to play them. Now granted they are a very good team and some teams probably do get a little stinky when they see they have to play them, but to a team like Juventus, Bayern, Barcelona, or Madrid, PSG is seen as just like when you play your little brother. Yeah they are going to come at you with everything they got, its going to be rough, and competitive, but at the end of the day you are never letting your little brother win. He might get a lead but the older brother is always going to win the game, even if you have to cheat, lie, beg, and punch.ysvqq

PSG has the roster even though apparently they are going after Pogba and Courtois now. Could always make improvements to a roster but I am curious when Financial Fair Play is going to make a move on them. But they have the skill on their team to do it with names like Neymar, Dani Alves, Dimaria, Mbappe, Draxler, Cavani, and so on. They have the men up for the task but their first reaction is to throw money at everything.

Do not get me wrong though you need some money in order to win but, working on making chemistry between a coach and his team is a huge part in making a long European run, getting the fans on board with the plan and not just bringing in new people for them to buy jerseys of every 6 months is a part of a long European run, and just not making everyone feel so easily up for grabs in the market is a key to a long run. Shit even Neymar has transfer rumors going and he just was bought for over 200 million. I think that the PSG fans, offices, and coaches need to make a better understanding of making the team a unit and making them a force rather than oh well lets just buy this guy and this guy here’s 300 million do it.


But anyways to call it the “PSG Project” is an absolute joke to me because if that is the case… this project has been going on for about a decade.


This is all my opinions take it or leave it just know that I am always right, even when I am wrong… I’m right, 88% of the time every time I am right. To chat shit follow me on Twitter @shopaaj I will be waiting for you… Stay Wavy.

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