The Young Leg Worst Betting Teams

Alright folks so as all of us can probably atone for we lose a lot of money every weekend betting the same people that continue to let us down. If you were riding out with City and Liverpool props to ya’ll probably didn’t lose too much then. The only good news from actually losing all this money is that you find teams that one day break your heart to the point you know never to bet any money on them. I have had this realization many times in my years of watching football and I am coming here now to share it with you. Granted their may be some variations and loop holes but we can get all into that later for now heres the scoop.


Young Leg’s Teams to Never Bet On

First things first this doesn’t have a real ranking system to it I am just listing the teams, so nobody take it personally.

1.) Real Madrid – Real has given up a lot more losses than they are used to but on top of that lost their biggest goal scoring threat. Real Madrid is a team that has winning in their DNA but after a management change and some big injuries they are not the lock pick they used to be. THE ONE AND ONLY EXCEPTION is if you are betting the champions league never bet against Real Madrid.


2.) Arsenal – Alright so I am not sure if you were betting on an Arsenal 22 game unbeaten run but I know for damn sure no player or Arsenal fan was. If you were able to get on that train props to you, but now Arsenal are starting to look more well Arsenaly (Great Word) lots of injuries, lack of depth in attacking positions. Pretty much if Aubameyang doesn’t have a good game Arsenal aren’t getting a result so the exception here is just bet on Aubameyang to score instead of Arsenal.


3.) AC Milan – AC Milan seem to make all these great moves every year picking up names that make you think “Damn is Milan Back?” or “Damn Juve might have a problem.” and they are all just false hope. They signed Higuain who knows the italian league well and gets to run the show, they bring in club legend Maldini and Gatusso to take the helm. Then it all went crashing down… a few results here and there, but nothing to write home about. Not to mention their long goalless stretches and unable to get results even with relegation threatened teams. Milan still find them selves towards the top of the Serie A table and are having a decent season but keep your money in the bank people.


4.) Roma – Roma is a side that has picked up some great talent young and old these last few windows with Kluivert and Under being the most recent ones to make a show, but both lack the ability to score consistent goals. This is a team that has been struggling in the league and had some injuries in key positions that make them super unreliable if you need a definite result. The odds are never very good either because its Roma they are a good side much like Madrid but are finding it hard to put games away.


5.) Everton – Everton… man I have nothing too good to say about them not a terrible season but they haven’t been much to talk about. They brought in some awesome talent with Richarlson, Digne, and Mina. They have a solid defense, solid offense, so what is really going wrong? Who the hell knows is it the midfield, the manager, all I know is that this team can’t be trusted. Lose to City 3-1, then get smoked by Spurs 6-2, finally lay a beat down back on Burnley 5-1, and then lose the following game to Brighton 1-0. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO FEEL EVERTON. The most emotional season I could imagine for Toffee fans.


These are all the teams I would tell you to absolutely never bet on because they will always leave you feeling disappointed. You are going to tell yourself “You know what maybe they are do for a win, maybe I will trust them this week.” DONT! It is a trap, dont play yourself people. The only exception is if you toss them into a parlay, but don’t count on that parlay hitting if you do. There are a couple other teams that you may want to watch out for but I am still doing more research.


Here are some teams that could join this list soon: West Ham, Crystal Palace, Levante, Atletico Madrid, Sampadoria, and Frankfurt.

Did I mention your favorite team here? I don’t a F*****CCKKK come chat shit with me on Twitter @shopaaj.

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