Thomas Lemar Wonder Kid

Boy oh boy where do I start with this stud of a kid, Thomas Lemar. Starting off his career at Caen in 2013, at the age of 18, Lemar was highly regarded as one of the hundreds of “wonderkids” we hear about every year. But really, he wasn’t making much of impact at Caen after scoring only 1 goal and transferred to Monaco in the summer of 2015, for £3.4 million.


Now here’s where Thomas Lemar begins to show parts of his quality.  Playing in Ligue 1, where one can pad their stats a little, Lemar was able to bag 16 goals in all comps for Monaco in his three and a half seasons. Primarily used as an outside midfielder/attacker, Lemar used his pace to help facilitate quality attacking chances. Known for his crossing abilities, he was able to complete.


Now some may still be wondering.. “why the hell am I still reading about this guy?” Well Thomas Lemar became Atletico Madrid’s most expensive transfer in history. In the summer of 2018, Lemar was sold from Monaco for £63 million. That’s a hell of a price tag for a someone with 17 career goals. But Lemar is different, he may not show up on the score sheet for weeks a time. He may not dazzle you with tricks and flicks. All of that isn’t what makes Lemar a talent to watch. It’s his poise on the ball, his dashing runs down the line and ability to hold the ball when he gets in attacking positions. Thomas Lemar is different than what we’re used to seeing, and that’s perfectly OK. How do you think Messi and Ronaldo are able to score 40+ goals a season? (Besides those world class- take the whole team on- strikes) Goal scorers need playmakers to set them up. Lemar may not light the world on fire with his assist rate, but he is able to set up play perfectly and bait defenders to his side of the pitch. This allows the likes of Antoine Griezmann, Koke, and Diego Costa score at a rather ridiculous rate in La Liga.


So far this season, Lemar has 2 goals and 1 assist (again, not mind blowing numbers). But it is a certain that if you watch La Liga and Altetico Madrid often enough, you will see that there are not many players like Lemar. He’s special in ways that the casual viewer may not understand. Vision, the ability to draw a double team and his understanding of off the ball movement are just a few of the intangibles he possesses.


Keep an eye out for Thomas Lemar this season in La Liga. There is little chance that he disappoints when he is on the pitch. My official Thomas Lemar predictions for the rest of the season are: 7 goals, 8 assists, and many, many more believers in the Lemar Hype Train.

CHOO CHOO lads and lassies, hop on and enjoy the ride or miss out and act like you believed in him all along.


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