Alright all my Madristas and Spanish football pundits we have all be asking ourselves why Lucas Vazquez has been playing over the Spanish magician Isco. I am here to let you know this is not going to bash Isco, or Vazquez so if that is what you came for please see my Twitter feed (@shopaaj) for the sh*t chatting.


So, over the last 5 years we have seen the emergence of Isco one of the most talented attacking midfielders we’ve seen play the game, but his playing time was always an issue. He plays on a stacked Real Madrid team that his competition varied from Dimaria, to James, To Modric, Kroos, and so on and so on lots of world class players. Now at the begining of the season Isco was on a tear Madrid thought they would have no problems with Ronaldo’d departure Bale and Benz were scoring Isco was controling the tempo “We are fine”. Then Isco got appendicitis and I have had that it sucks you can barely walk, go to the bathroom, or eat… its trash. This led to Lopetegui not having his main man and obviously he was sacked and Isco returned from injury not at 100% fitness which began the long line of reasons Solari was not playing Isco.


Solari decided that his Madrid team would be focused on youth and experience (something that Isco has both of being at the prime age of 26) he brought up young players to take over Isco’s spot, he brought experienced players, shoot he even changed the lineup at one point due to injuries and played with 5 defenders and 2 wing backs in the midfield JUST so Isco wouldn’t play. Then we saw the solution to everything from Solari ” I know I will just put Lucas there and we will be fine.”… spoilers they were not fine. Some shocking results and injuries led to Vinicius finally being brought into the team and that is when it all changed.


Vinicius’s immediate impact let Solari play in the 4-3-3 that he loves so much with his main man Vazquez at the RW. This is the biggest role Vazquez has had in Madrid ever, he’s starting games, he is seeing a ton of the ball, and with the defense worried about the pace and creativity from Vinicius it has opened up a ton to Vazquez. Now this isn’t me saying he is thriving in it because he is still doing just slightly above average to make the argument of how he earned his spot. A goal here and there but nothing that makes you scared when Vazquez has the ball. Now over the last few matches he has put in some good performances and limiting his mistakes to smaller and fewer ones. Now we all know that Isco is a world class player and Vazquez is not so the question has been “WHY IS ISCO NOT ON THE FIELD” he makes an immediate impact…BUT I think I may have found the solution to why Vazquez remains on the field…


Now just roll with me here people I know some of you may be in the dark but let me shed some light on it for you. Vazquez is a Madrid boy pretty much always has been he loves the club and will do what is best for the club. With Solari’s exit I don’t wanna say imminent, but it is looming a bit I think Madrid are planning for the summer, and what they need is to splash some serious cash on a #9 or a Galatico that will score them buckets of goals. The main solution to these problems is Mbappe who will not be cheap, PSG are still paying for him. So where is that money coming from? Obviously Madrid have deep pockets and could go out and get him at pretty much any price, but they also have an abundance of attacking players that could fill that role or a backup role to the position Vazquez is playing. Now heres where Vazquez comes in… People have been arguing that he looks great, he has earned it, blah blah blah Isco should be playing that is no argument sorry so the real reason Vazquez is on the field is…


Because we want someone to come and buy this kid! We can get another Vazquez out of our academy, or from a lower club that would be younger, possibly higher potential, and of course a great investment. So now it is Vazquez’s time to ball out and make it so he was well worth the investment. The more minutes he gets, the more he will ball out, and the more money he will make Madrid in the end. I am not saying that we can sell Vazquez to afford Mbappe, but if he continues to get good minutes (Bale is coming back though so I doubt it) and get some solid performances in it would help. With the way this market works if we could swing like 50 million for Vazquez then I truly believe that is the best thing he could do for the club. If he is a true Madrista at heart he will make the club a buncha money to put towards an important transfer, and then make sure he sucks where ever he goes and Madrid can bring him back. Alright sounds good right? I mean why else would you ever play Vazquez over Isco?


*When you hear Vazquez is warming up on the sideline*

Feel like I just made all that up? Well maybe I did or more likely maybe I am the smartest man alive… Chat shit about it with me on Twitter @shopaaj.

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