USA Vs. Bolivia Hope For The Future

Whats up my fellow Americans,

I had the pleasure last night in Chester, PA section 119 of watching the young guns, America’s next generation, the future of American soccer last night and it was a night I will not forget. Three first time starts for the three goal scorers. A moment I look forward to look back on as I tell people “ Yeah I got to see Weah, Sargent, and Zimmerman score their first goals for the yanks.” It is a moment that I think can mark the next decade of the USMNT.


(When your mom says share the pizza rolls with your cousins^)

Bolivia vs. USA turned into a clinic very quickly now, obviously I don’t want to be over excited because it was Bolivia… but I do think that this team of youngsters, with the average age of 22 could of beat T&T and we would have ourselves a world cup to celebrate in America. Unfortunately that’s not the case and I would also make an argument that these young guns could of actually won the Hex.(Holding back tears) There were four teenagers in the starting lineup last night… FOUR. Four first time national team caps, and some recognizable faces. (Julian Green haven’t seen him since the Belgium game) The team brought in was the talents outside of America playing abroad in Germany, England, France, and more. Led by the young hope of America Christian Pulisic, but enough bragging lets get to it the game that brought us hope in America.


So there were moments throughout the game where the age and decision making of the players did show especially with Tim Weah, who besides that I thought made the biggest impact on the field he was everywhere, winning balls from the air, gunning down the side line with pace, he caused so much trouble for his defender and he was playing hurt. If you can watch Tim’s game and say he isn’t a potential starter for the next five years then you are going to be disappointed. Another player who was a first timer to get on the score sheet Josh Sargent. Sargent is a work horse up front, he already has great footwork and a great touch. His work ethic you can tell he wants to be up front, and doesn’t plan on letting anyone take that spot away from him. He is a player that just loves to play the game and loves scoring. The energy from a stadium with only 12 thousand people in it after that young man came to the corner to salute after his goal was epic to say the least.


Next I want to mention Antonee Robinson, the left back who is currently owned by Everton. Now the fact that he is playing defense in England is already giving him an advantage going into the future. He is calm, cool, and collected. He never even bats an eye comfortably playing around the back and attacking the space forward. His one on one defense is class, and he sends in beautiful services, just ask Tim Weah… Not to mention on top of that he is a physical specimen fast, strong, six foot, and knows how to use his body aka my type of defender. I think there is no question that he is one of the backs for the future and hopefully slotting right into Leighton Baines spot as he is getting up there in years.


Next person I want to mention Weston McKennie, now this lad probably didn’t do anything that really wowed all of you who cant appreciate a good holding midfielder, but to me every single thing he did showed me how he will be holding down the midfield for the future. He was winning the aerial battle, he was switching the fields, he was covering acres of space, and also he got a yellow card for absolutely smoking some dude. Now as a holding mid you want the other team to be scared that you are coming, you want them constantly worried that you are going to come through and clean house. On multiple tackles that’s just what McKennie did.


These were the guys that really stuck out to me but everyone’s football taste is different I think that all the lads had decent games, except for Pulisic who looked tired and like the coach was putting them through 3 a days.I also think that he should stay out on the wing where we know he is comfortable and can make the biggest impact like he does in Germany. I would also like to point out that Zack Steffen will hopefully be joining the group on the rest of their trip as they lineup to play France and Ireland. As you all know I am a huge Zack Steffen supporter and he just recently broke his club record for goalless minutes so what’s not to look forward to.


Like I said before this was only Bolivia, but this also was a bunch of grown men playing our youth for the first time. To be completely bold and honest I think the Bolivian team should be a bit embarrassed, kind of like when a bunch of old washed up players, play like a high school varsity team coming off a championship. Either way it is nice to see the USMNT back again and making us proud with performances like these. Also were American, we expect to be the best and these boys put on the crest and play their hearts out to help us prove it.


But hey these are my opinions take them or leave them feel free to chat shit on twitter @shopaaj and stay wavy.

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