What is Going on With Santiago Solari?

Welcome my friends it is your favorite Madrista here and I went from trying my best to being optimistic to being just flat out pissed off.



So Madrid brings in Solari and he’s a Madrid man through and through so he had my faith and respect. BUT now with the antics he seems to be pulling after winning 5 games is just out of line.

First things first is the beef he has going with Isco, this man at the beginning of the season was the whole reason our team was ticking and Madrid looked GOOOOD then he got hurt and by the time he got back he had a new manager. At first Solari had said Isco wasn’t 100% fit which is why he didn’t play him. Then Isco went on international break and played the 90 minutes and captained the team (not to mention a buncha Madrid guys are on Spain).


The next reason he decided to drop Isco from the Champion’s League roster all together because he “Disrespected him”. Apparently Isco didn’t shake his hand, and after the comments he falsely made about him in the media for why he wasn’t playing I can understand. To drop one of the best midfielders on the planet and on your team just cause he didn’t shake your hand after you were talking sh*t… What are you doing? I can see benching him but to drop him from the roster completely… that just petty. Isco is now rumored to be looking at tons of other top clubs and big names are involved with him losing Isco would be a massive loss that I would not be able to forgive Solari for.


He knows who the boss is ^^

Next is a big one after bringing in Courtois everyone knew that Keylor Navas would be losing some time, probably splitting it between cups and league matches. This was the story when Lope was in charge but then came Solari and all of a sudden Keylor Navas is “Injured”. Then awkwardly enough Keylor comes out to say what all of us Keylor fans were thinking “ I went from winning 3 straight Champion’s Leagues to not even playing.”


BIG WTF to you Solari, not only is Courtois apparently being called better, but anytime he makes a mistake or gives up a big chunk of goals all of a sudden it is the defense’s fault. Don’t get me wrong the defense has looked a tad suspect but that is due to many injuries and tons of minutes for Ramos. My problem is that Courtois let in a shit ton of goals for his national team recently when he started getting more time for Madrid and the fact that this is the same back line Keylor won 3 champions leagues straight with.


3 of the 4 defenders were on the team of the year…. So when are we going to realize if our defense is so bad that the only change we made defensively was between the sticks? I just don’t understand the argument for why Keylor lost his spot, never made any mistakes that he didn’t make up for, always did what he was asked and then some, plus he loves the club. Courtois got to Madrid because he was crying about wanting to leave Chelsea and I think he’s brought some of the Chelsea stink with him as well.


“Keep your stinky ass down there Thibaut” – Keylor Prolly

Other than that Solari get your shit together I expect some big things from you in the January transfer window and then no more excuses for you. Figure it out with Isco if we lose him I hope you get sacked. Give Keylor the Champion’s League games at least, he is 100% the best goalie for that competition. Little side notes for Solari

  1. Play Vinicius more
  2. Stop putting Vasquez ahead of Asensio and Vinicius
  3. Buy another CDM in the transfer window
  5. Rest Toni Kroos he looks beat

Thank you!

With Love,

Young Leg


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