What The Hell is Boxing Day?

So we hear a lot of talk about Boxing Day in the football world and if you ever mention it to someone who doesn’t know about it they know f*ck all of what you are talking about. Boxing Day to be absolutely straight forward is just an extension of the Christmas break for most workers in the UK and Ireland. It is a bank holiday celebrated the day after Christmas, some say the name originates from the BOXes of presents, it is for giving to the offering BOX, or a nautical trip where they were delivering BOxes. Get the whole box theme here? While all of these are somewhat understandable reasons nobody is exactly sure where the name came from originally but Boxing day is a day to spend time with loved ones.


That is how normal people celebrate it but Football is anything but normal, football fans crave more games, more goals, more passion, more noise, everything football has to offer but MORE. This is how the football world celebrates Boxing Day.Screen Shot 2018-12-25 at 8.48.35 AM.png

Not only does Boxing Day deliver you something to look forward to after Christmas with the English Premiere League but the Italian League is in on it as well.


Screen Shot 2018-12-25 at 8.52.34 AM.png

Now if you couldn’t tell Boxing day for footy fans is on a whole different level from a normal week of football, because not only do we have these 19 matches to watch in just one day…… We also have a Thursday match as well as the matches over the weekend. So as a football fan Boxing Day is up there with the group stages of the World Cup just so much football to watch and not enough screens to watch it on. Boxing Day has become a rich tradition in football that gives the players Christmas and Christmas eve with their families, and then a gift for football fans around the world the day after Christmas. At no point does the day have anything to do with the sport of actual boxing, remember that you would be surprised how many people ask. But as for Boxing day it starts 6:30 am over in Italy, and 7:30 am in England.


The matches that I wanted to highlight that I am really looking forward to seeing are as follows:

7:30 Fulham vs. Wolves


Two teams that were promoted this year that are still battling to try and find their form I am giving Wolves the edge this match.

10:00 Tottenham vs. Bournemouth


Bournemouth is a team that never gives up points easily and is challenging for a European spot while Spurs need to continue getting results in order to be a challenger for the title race. I give Spurs the edge this game. (Sorry Eddie)

12:00 Roma vs. Sassuolo


Roma has been under performing in the league and they just got their big guns back with Dzeko and De Rossi joining the team again after injury, Sassuolo is a team that never gives points up easily and they are also trying to gain a spot in European competition. I still give Roma the edge Dzeko is back baby.

2:30 Watford vs Chelsea


Chelsea are coming off some bad performances having trouble putting the ball in the back of the net while Watford is starting to hit a run of good form as they look to control a European spot as well. The game is going to be at Watford and I think it will end as a draw with both sides being frustrated that they couldn’t put the round thing in the net.




This is the biggest game of the day 3rd place Inter host 2nd place Napoli as we see the top dogs in Serie A go at it, Inter will be looking to catch points on Napoli as they are 8 back now, while Napoli look to distance themselves from Inter and continue chasing Juventus. This is going to be a huge game for later in the season with these two teams switching spots multiple times this year already. Traveling to Milan is no easy task although I still give Napoli the edge.

This is all I got for you folks tons of football but for not just enjoy your holidays!



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