Who is Stopping Juventus?

So after another week of Juventus domination we are still asking ourselves who can compete with Juventus in Serie A. We have talked to Critty Smith about it, I have discussed it with our Serie A director and we have come to the grand conclusion that … drum roll if you will.


…. The person who will be able to catch Juve isssssss…



Yeah that’s right people you heard it right here right now in November Juventus is not going to be caught by anyone. The only possible chance the other teams have is if Juventus flat out leave the entire league. I think Juve should get to toss their name into another top league after they win again this year just to make it more fair for world football. Imagine seeing Juventus put in the Spanish or english premier league.


So here is the new solution I have for you I took the time to figure out a team from Italy that could actually give Juventus a run for their money. Y’all ready for this? It’s about to get a little hot in here so just prepare yourselves for the..

Serie A XI (Not Including Juventus Players)

So typically Juventus plays in 4-3-3, now Juve fans don’t get mad I know you switch it up a lot BUT typically that is the formation they play. Their starting lineup tends to look like this…

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 10.38.32 AM.png

Now to really get a squad that I think will have the ability to compete with this Juventus team this year I have discussed with my Serie A director Tyler Bond what formation we should use. Obviously the first answer was I don’t Fu**in know they are incredible but then we had a couple drinks expanded our minds a bit and then made a wild guess. So for the Serie A XI we created a 3-5-2 formation that should look like this..

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 11.16.34 AM.png

Now there was some argument over a couple of positions from Tyler Bond and Young Leg made the graphic….. Sooo we are going to let you figure out who ended up being correct.

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 11.20.20 AM.png

Now that you have seen both of our teams you can tell that even these teams would struggle against Juventus. I honestly don’t think either of these teams are still beating Juventus. Besides maybe in the goal I don’t see many drastic improvements. Juventus has been known for their defensive dominance their CB tandem is top in the world. Their midfield has a fantastic mix of experience, talent, and it seems to be set for the long game with Dybala and Pjanic holding it down. Not to mention up top you have a little player you may know named Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as Douglas Costa serving it up and slashing through defenses, and finally the big man Super Mario Manduzic leading the point of attack. 


I firmly believe that making a team of the year for the Italian league at this point would be redundant as Juventus have about 90% of the starters on their team. But hey good luck Serie A, mostly looking at Napoli and Inter Milan you guys are almost there. Maybe 2-3 more seasons and hoping Juventus age then it will be a real competition again.


Young Leg

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