Who is the Favorite to Win the Champions League? YL

Who the hell is winning this thing…


After the results from last weeks Champions league matches, the next thought has to be “Who is going to win the Champions league?” Liverpool put a dominating performance on an early favorite in the tournament Manchester City as we will see if Pep can drag his men back into the competition after going down 3-0 in the first leg. Personally the form that Liverpool has been in and especially against Manchester City I do not see City making the full comeback they will definitely make it interesting with all the weapons at Pep’s disposal. Even if Liverpool hold off City and make it to the next round looking at all the other big names surrounding them even after the impressive season they have had, they will be the underdogs for the remainder of the competition. Unless we get unbelievable performances from their front 3 and goalkeeper.Got-smahed-e1448206333955

Juventus another team who took an upsetting 3-0 defeat at home at the hands of the current European champions Real Madrid. With these two giants playing each other in the quarterfinals there was a wide sigh of relief that at least one of these teams would be gone. Only thing Madrid needs right now is everyone to play at least average since they have the king of UCL Cristiano Ronaldo who has continued his champions league form and scoring streak from last year. Now I don’t see Juventus coming back especially not without centerpiece Dybala who is suspended for the second leg, but Madrid captain Ramos will also miss the second leg. Madrid is without a center back with injuries to Nacho and Valejo, but 3 away goals are hard to come back from especially when playing a Madrid team that thrives in the champion’s league.ronaldo-bicycle-kick-goal-real-madrid

Next we have Barcelona who put on another clinical performance and were rewarded with 2 own goals from Roma as they took a 4-1 lead in the first leg in Spain. Messi and company did what they usually do which is take care of business they are another favorite to move on to the next round even with them having to play in Italy today there is just no easy way to score 4 goals on Barcelona and not give any up to the little magician. Barcelona is going to walk into this game very casually and close out the game like they have done many times before. Barcelona are looking for the treble so expect to see them handle this game strictly business. Messi going into Italy like…1n37p5.jpg

Finally we have Bayern Munich versus Sevilla, in Germany at the Allianz Arena. Now Bayern came out on top 2-1 and leaves Spain with 2 away goals. Bayern another team known for Champions league domination will be bringing their lead back home and closing out on Sevilla. Granted this will not be an easy game for the germans, Sevilla is always a threat when it comes to European competition after their back to back wins in Europa league a couple years back they have become a force in champions league now after knocking out Manchester United last round. Now obviously none of these teams are definitely through yet and anything can happen in 90 minutes of the beautiful game, but at the same time lets be realistic here.180226153228-thomas-mueller-wink-thumbs-up-super-tease.jpg

For me the favorites of the tournament have to be Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, after clinching their 6th consecutive league title Bayern and Madrid are two of the only teams that only have the champion’s league to worry about. Bayern has locked up their league title, and don’t want to offend anyone but nobody in Germany is really touching them for the cup title, and Madrid hasn’t been able to reach the La Liga title for month now, and after trying to experiment with youth saw themselves out of the Spanish cup. Madrid and Bayern are two world powers that seem to always find their way to the champion’s league final, but this year they are the only two with just that focus. Barcelona would be the next favorite to win after those first two obviously because they fact they have Lionel Messi on their team. But with athletico on their tail for the title (yeah its not that close but still possible) I think that Barcelona’s first team is going to be logging a lot of minutes to deal with on top of the Spanish cup as they go for yet another treble. I think Barca will face the same problems Juventus did when it comes to needing to play your top players for too many minutes. You saw glimpses of the team without Messi when he had to be subbed in to save them in league play.(Which was amazing I don’t know how he does the things he does) Then finally assuming Liverpool hold of Manchester City they are my 4th favorites to win. The defense they have can not hold the offensive attack from any of the other three teams mentioned, and unless the front 3 of Salah, Firmino, and Mane are balling and VVD can some how hold down the back line with Karius, I see them taking an exit in the next round.

Now of course like I said anything can happen in 90 minutes so after those four the next rankings for me would have to go Manchester City (5th), Juventus (6th), Sevilla(7th), and then Roma (8th) as my least likely to win the champions league.


Actual odds to win (Which are stupid cause they don’t agree with me)

Barcelona 12/5

Real Madrid 5/2

Bayern Munich 7/2

Liverpool 6/1

Man City 16/1

Sevilla 250/1

Juventus 400/1

Roma 750/1

Now these are just my opinions and granted things can go wrong but, I am right, I am always right, even when I am wrong I am right, 72% of the time every time I am right. Chat shit with what you don’t agree on with me @shopaaj.


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