Who Wants to be a Gooner?

After 22 years, 3 Premier League Titles, 7 FA Cups, and 17 Consecutive Champions League appearances, Arsene Wenger is stepping down as manager of the Arsenal. Word is coming out that it is not by his choice because he “always honors his contracts” but it is the right decision. Whether he is being forced out in a way that honors his legacy at Arsenal or he is leaving on his own it was time for the man to go. That begs the question, who can step in a manage this Arsenal side?


Before the gaffer, YL, talked to me about it I was all about Patrick Vieira taking over the job. He has good managerial experience and was a part of the better half of Wenger’s Arsenal tenure. However, I took a step back and realized that Vieira may not be the best man for the job at this particular moment.


With that being said we are going to dive into some potential managers for Arsenal that I feel will fit the bill, and some managers that won’t. Knowing Arsenal’s board and current owner (#FuckSilentStan and #FuckGazidis) they will ultimately find a way to fuck this whole thing up, and if they somehow manage to not fuck it up…they can still fuck off out of the club anyway.


  1. Carlo Ancelotti– Ancelotti would be the ideal candidate for the next couple of years for the Gunners. He has a lot of success and experience managing big clubs and is currently on the market. I think that Ancelotti would be by far the safest and most likely hire for Arsenal to make. He could be a caretaker manager for about two or three years to steady the ship and patch up all of the holes and then the likes of Vieira, Henry, or Arteta could come in. Is it likely that Ancelotti become the next Arsenal manager? No. He is primed to take over the Azzurri to try and fix that disaster of an Italian national side. Kudos to him though, because he wants to right the ship of his home country and that is no easy task, especially for the Italians. (ODDS 16-1)


  1. Thomas Tuchel– Currently the managing how to deal with life not being a manager after he was let go from his job at Borussia Dortmund. He could be a successor to Wenger, but this is taking a big risk. Klopp was one thing, Tuchel is an entirely different animal all together. Would I have loved to see Klopp come to Arsenal? Of course (damn you @realwhytedude87). Tuchel has an ability to get his sides to play at a high level but I am skeptical. He hasn’t been in football for over a year. If rumors are true he could either be headed to PSG or Chelsea. I say let those two clubs fight over Tuchel I think Arsenal can do a bit better…can they? (ODDS 20/1)



  • Massimilliano Allegri– Would he be a perfect replacement for Arsene Wenger? Yes and No. In my opinion Allegri and Wenger’s styles are exactly the same. If the decision were up to me I wouldn’t hire Allegri to manage this Arsenal side. Would he inspire the team in the beginning? I have no doubt about that, but the style of play under Allegri and Wenger are virtually the same. The reason that Allegri is so successful using the same style is because he has the players to do it. Wenger used to have those players too but poor personnel decisions, whether it be by the board or the Wenger himself, absolutely destroyed Arsenal’s ability to play this style of football. Allegri is a fantastic manager and Arsenal would be lucky to get him, but is he the manager Arsenal needs at this point in time? No. Too much of the same. (ODDS 9/1)




  • Brendan Rodgers– Yes you read that right. Brendan Rodgers. Possibly the next Arsenal manager. Rodgers has been rumored to be in the running for the job and I honestly? I am not too upset about it. Rodgers has been playing Champions League football every year since he took over as manager of Celtic so he has had the opportunity to prepare for games against big time clubs. He was certainly no slouch at Liverpool and almost led them to a Premier League title (Stevie G certainly deserved to get one). I always liked the way Rodgers Liverpool squads played and it would be nice to see that type of style at Arsenal with a high pressure defense. For me it would be a gamble, but maybe Arsenal needs to gamble at this point. (ODDS 11/1)




  • Luis Enrique– No. Absolutely not. No Barca. I hate that this man is the favorite to take over the job. It is too much of the same. I am not a fan of Barcelona, you can thank Young Leg for that. I am not even going to get into the pros and cons and Enrique becoming the Arsenal manager. If he is the new manager I am probably going to need to find a new club to support. (ODDS 7/2…shit)




  • Eddie Howe– This the man. He needs to be the next Arsenal manager. The things he is doing with Bournemouth are absolutely phenomenal. He has successfully promoted the side from League Two to League One and subsequently took the Burnley job. Unfortunately family circumstances forced him to part ways with Burnley and he wound up back at Bournemouth. Since he has re-taken over the Cherries he and his squad have become a mainstay in the Prem. Yes he does have a similar style to Wenger, but he gets his players to buy in a lot more than Wenger has been able to the past couple of years. To me, Howe has the personality, unlike Wenger, to get his players to buy in. I would love to see what Howe could do with the players Arsenal currently have at their disposal. Howe, if given the opportunity and the funds, could use that Wenger/Guardiola inspired style to turn Arsenal’s fortunes around. For me, this is the guy Arsenal has to choose; he already manages in the Premier League, he is consistently performing with a mid-table side, he doesn’t back down against bigger competition. There are just not enough good things I can say about this man. He is who I want to be the next Arsenal manager. (ODDS 15/1)



These are the six main contenders in my opinion but like I said, who the hell knows what Gazidis and Kroenke do. Those two idiots are going to botch the shit out of this. There were others I had in mind: Diego Simeone, Rafa Benitez, Mikel Arteta, Patrick Vieira, and Thierry Henry. Only time will tell who gets the nod and I just pray that Arsenal do not rush into the decision. They have a decent amount of time until the end of the season but by the first or second week of June that vacancy needs to be filled. I can only hope that Gazidis and Kroenke don’t rethink their agreement with Wenger, he still needs to go.

These opinions are all @tybond16 ‘s and feel free to go chat shit with him about it.

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