Why I Watch the Premiership Over MLS by: Stan Whyte

During the fourth Nor’Easter to smack the Mid-Atlantic this month, I saw an awesome tweet from Eddy Hooper, (Ed Hooper @DynamoEd via Twitter), pondering if anyone would bother making Major League Soccer must-see viewing.


Sure, I’d love to support D1 football in my country, (the United States - RIP btw s/o to Donnie the Terrible), but what’s the use? It’s league is closed, has convoluted roster building policies, (seriously can anyone tell me what GAM and TAM are and how they’re used?), as well as an overall lackluster quality of play on the pitch. Honestly? It looks like the NCAA on steroids. Trash steroids at that.

The only team I would possibly bother making a viewing appointment is for Atlanta United FC and that’s mostly due to their fluid formations, style of play, goal-scoring horn, and raucous crowds.

That’s just one franchise. Out of what? 23 total? As a Philadelphian I don’t even bother with that McFranchise from Chester. Sons of Ben be damned that team is an atrocity. The Union have finished with the same record the last two years of 11–14–9. 34 matches played and a total of 42 points.

Let’s say they played 4 more matches to make a total of 38, (as they do in the BPL). Taking their avg pts per match of .80 and multiplying that for 4 more fixtures, they’d finish with a grand total of… 45 measely points. According to the 16/17 PL table that would place them 11th. Not relegated, but not exactly Champions League quality either. But we all know the Union would be relegated rather QUICKLY if they dared played a season overseas.

But I digress. This ain’t about the Union.

Considering the difference in time, if you want to watch the PL live on the East Coast, you have to get up on Saturday mornings. Early. Like 7am early, (s/o to PLonNBC). I already have to wake up around 5am during the week so this isn’t exactly a stretch for me. With that said, yes, I’d much rather get myself out of bed at an audacious hour on Saturday to watch Palace vs Bournemouth at Selhurst Park than wait around for 4pm to tune into Houston at DC. I don’t even know where DC United plays these days but it looks like my HS pigskin field. A lesser version.

Link up play b/t Townsend and Bentenke beats w/e the hell Yamil Asad has up front for him, (don’t tell me. I don’t really care).

Plus? #HENNESSEYANDENEMIES in goal makes Palace a must-watch any weekend. @ me. Please.

My point is that there’s world class internationals on every PL side while the MLS yields stars from past-their-prime in the Big 5 European Leagues along with CONCACAF all-stars. Seriously? I’m cool.

Besides, what proper footballing league calls itself “soccer”. Lame.

By: Stan Whyte

Find him on twitter @Stanwhyte87

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