Why Madrid Don’t Need a Big Signing

What’s going on my fellow footy fans and especially MI MADRISTAS?


Let me tell you how the rest of the world and the media will tell you how losing Cristiano Ronaldo (Yeah he left and went to Juventus Spoilers) is sending Madrid back to the dark ages. What people don’t want to say is that teams are still trying to catch Madrid. The back to back to back… European…Champions. The now 13 time champions have lost the current Balon D’or holder aka best player in the world to the Italian giants Juventus, and everyone thinks we have no way to replace him. Well, this is going to be a very hard pill to swallow for some of you haters out there but, Real Madrid is going to be just fine. The new manager after Zidane left (Oh yeah the head coach left also current coach of the year BTW) and Lopetegui replaced him, the then Spain national team coach.


After accepting the Madrid job 48 hours before the opening of Spain’s world cup he was fired for taking the job and the national team felt they had been betrayed….yeah, I don’t really get the big deal so I am not going into it, figures Spain then hires the ex Barcelona coach Luis Enrique right after. Anyway Lopetegui comes to Madrid after going 19 matches undefeated with Spain, and focusing his team around a certain key player in the midfield named Isco. The game plan of letting Isco float around the final third was deadly even though we didn’t get to see it with Lopetegui’s plan at the World Cup.


Also in Madrid… The man who scored the most unreal bicycle kick to help Madrid win the third consecutive champions league, shows his unreal class once again. If he remains healthy Ronaldo will not be missed. Don’t forget Madrid bought Bale for this exact reason to be handed the torch. Not only did Bale come to training early in Madrid looking fit, Karim Benzema the striker who is missing his shooting boots looking very fit as well both seem to know there is going to be a new sheriff in Madrid.

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 8.33.17 AM.png

The youth coming up has just opened up to many different talents such as Vinicius Jr. the Brazilian from Flamengo.


Dani Ceballos Euro 2017 Player of the Tournament for Spain who is now happy to stay at Madrid after speaking to the coach. There were speculations of him wanting to leave but his spirits have been lifted by coach Lopetegui.


They added depth at the right back position with Ordriozola from Real Soceidad.


Also have we already forgotten the name Marco Asensio and what we watched him do on that left wing.


I think that with the plan of centering the game around Isco, and the midfield combination of Luka Modric, Toni Kroos, and Casemiro, Madrid will easily compete for another Champions League. The league and cups are a different story because if some players aren’t willing to take certain roles, and the youth have nerve. Then Real Madrid will suffer on fatigue, injuries, and have to focus on just certain trophies like the 2018 UCL.


I won’t even go into the defense and goal keeping since 2 of Madrid’s defenders are on the team of the year and another is coming back with a world cup championship medal. In my opinion a top 5 defense in the world easily.

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 8.46.07 AM.png

Madrid have been connected to some huge names that would be great to see there and it is fun to flirt with the idea of putting Robert Lewandowski up front with the Madrid midfield serving him. Mbappe running around  with Toni Kroos playing him long balls. But at the end of the day the team Real Madrid has right now is a team that still is a favorite to take another Champions league. I am glad that they have slowed it down with Hazard after seeing the number hit 200 million. Even after a great showing at the World Cup I still do not trust the consistency of Hazards game I haven’t seen the PFA player of the year Hazard in a while now club wise. I just don’t know if playing with Los Blancos would bring the best out in Hazard consistently. I at least would not be willing to spend 200 million on that hope.(Sorry to all you Chelsea fans)


I think in terms of business waiting to spend big on a star when they have the team of experienced talent mixed with young talent is a good move. If it goes south Madrid will just break the bank in January and end up buying someone anyway…


Wink wink nudge nudge, sup Kylian ….


These are my takes, take it or leave it but just know that I am always right, even when I’m wrong I’m right, 43% of the time every time I’m right. Chat shit with me on twitter @shopaaj. Stay Wavy


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