Will.I.An By: G. Lorance

Even if you are not a fan of the English Premier League I’m sure you have heard of Chelsea Football Club. They have had some great players over the past ten years notably El Niño Fernando Torres, Didier Drogba, John Terry, and Frank Lampard. In more recent years you have without a doubt have seen the rise of Eden Hazard. So without any more delay let’s talk about the 2015/16 Chelsea player of the year.

giphy.gif(First things first is look at this luscious head of hair, you see that hair flying by you in the wind you aren’t just taken back by the skill of the player but anyways…)

As usual sometimes the best players fly under the radar, Willian is no exception. Signed for 30 million he arrived at Chelsea in 2013 and it didn’t take long to make an impact. Willian to no surprise is a very stereotypical Brazilian winger. I don’t mean that as an insult by any stretch of the imagination. He is fast, agile, with quick feet, and of course brings out the tricks. Much like a lot of the other players in this series Willian has a knack for popping up when you need him most. From direct free kick goals, crosses into the box, or stoppage time winners, he has saved Chelsea a fair share of points off of his boots.


With Brazil obviously being in the 2018 World Cup the question has been often asked does Willian deserve to go. There was a list released a few months ago that confirmed 15 players for the Russia, and he was included. With the season he has had, and possible injury problems to Neymar, I 100% believe he needs to be there. Yes Brazil has attacking options for days, but most of them are left sided or through the middle options. With the caliber of players Brazil employs in the left, why not have Willian on the right to absolutely frustrate left backs and free up that left side. This being said Willian being added to an already loaded attack gives the coach plenty of options. This is a problem any coach would enjoy having, but with the like of Neymar, Douglas Costa, Firmino, Countinho, and Gabriel Jesus, this Brazil team seems to be filling fast. I think Willian has made his case strong enough this season.


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