Wingbacks of the Future at Anfield By: Stan Whyte

A feint to the left touchline, a hard dash inside, and a curler past Karius left both the young RB and all of Liverpool crushed.

It was the second time that happened in a matter of minutes.

Marcus Rashford, a native Mancurian, put Trent-Alexander Arnold, a native Scouse, in the mixer at The Theatre of Dreams in LFC’s visit there last month. Both plays not too different from the other but left the 19 year-old starlet stunned. Rashford is a decent talent but with that said, TAA learned some viable lessons in Manchester that day.


Fast-forward to the Etihad, back in Manchester, a month later for a hotly contest UCL tie between two English powerhouses. Alexander-Arnold was fresh from his lessons on the other side of town and proceeded to put Leroy Sane in his pocket.

Sane has had a tremendous season for the eventual Premier League champions but on that night? TAA put the clamps on the young left-winger from Germany.

Would you want the young man from Liverpool, who cheered on Steven Gerrard from Anfield as a child, to serve on the England National Team in Russia this summer? He’s already displaced any and all comers at RB for the Reds. This includes fellow young star Joe Gomez and veteran mainstay Nathaniel Clyne.


(Clyne has been injured throughout the 17/18 campaign and has all but lost his place on the senior side.)

The future is now at RB for Alexander-Arnold and his partner at LB is yet another success story but this time from Scotland.

Andy Robertson, native Scot and acquired from Hull City, spent much of the fall this season playing behind Alberto Moreno. Moreno, the aggressive tackling Spaniard, suffered a brutal lower-leg injury during the busy holiday portion of the schedule.


Enter Robbo, (who received tremendous support from Reds worldwide before ever starting a match for LFC).


While not the pinpoint crosser like TAA, Robertson brings a controlled agression and pace down the left side. This was wholly missing from Moreno’s game as indeed he was a weak link in LFC’s much maligned backline early on this campaign.

For Trent and Robbo the future is now.


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