Young Leg vs. Sam Tighe World Cup XI

What’s going on people?

I know we are on high alert as the world cup starts next week and I happen to come across this little challenge from a certain bleacher report writer named Sam Tighe.He challenges you to make a better team than his now let me explain just a bit. You have to make the best world cup XI with players at the world cup, but the catch is… you can only use one player from each country. Now here’s what Mr.Tighe’s roster looks like…


Not bad right? BUT bleacher report gave us the most beautiful thing they could ever imagine. They gave me a reason to write about how I think I know more than Sam Tighe because you are God DAMN RIGHT I can make a better team, although I think he has a fine team here I think some quick substitutions from Gaffer Leg can’t hurt. So starting in midfield (strange right?) Modric and Kante good choices the Croatia-France mix I like it but I took off Kante and subbed in Pogba another box to box midfielder and, creating with Modric adds more flair, as well as some size into the midfield. I believe Pogba on his day is the best midfielder in the game currently and Modric is Mr.Consistent wherever you need him.


Next the fact that you have two of the greatest outside backs playing in brazil and you did not use either of them? Shame on you Sam, take off Jordi Alba and sub in Marcelo the greatest left back on the planet currently. As for the rest of the backline with a Spanish slot opening up with Jordi being subbed I add in Sergio Ramos who in my opinion is the top center back in the world currently and knows what it takes to win a championship and lead. So sorry Alderweild, great player but I am taking El Capitan.


As for goalie after making this lineup you are not left with many top goalies in my opinion and to be able to scoop up the Costa Rican magic man Keylor Navas is a steal, as well as keeping your options open for a german option in the back line like Kimmich. Kimmich to me is arguably the best right back in the world and Godin pairing with Ramos leaves strikers a little wet in their shorts.  Size, Speed, Strength, Experience, Kimmich running like a mad man up and down the field. Check.


As for the front four… yeah we are calling it a front four cause these are the names you think of when you think Balon D’or these are the front runners, the men who change absolutely every team they play on and make them threats. These are the four players who after this year are the best on the planet. Cristiano Ronaldo for Portugal is what makes them a contender even if he doesn’t do well he is always a threat. Lionel Messi for Argentina, their leader, the man that has the pressure of a nation on his shoulders.


Mo Salah for Egypt can he bring another team to glory. Quick explanation the only reason I even took Neymar out is because I would rather have a fully healthy Kane with Marcelo, than a just back from injury Neymar and no Marcelo. Sorry Neymar I think you would win a Balon D’or over Kane just not this year.


This is my starting XI for the world cup if you think you can do it better chat shit with me on Twitter @shopaaj, if you think Sam Tighe’s team is better…. Go to hell.

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 5.06.00 PM.png

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