Young Legs European Rankings

Young Leg’s Top 10 Teams in Europe (NO BIAS INCLUDED I SWEAR)


Alright so I had a look at some other “top tens” from the bleacher reports from the ESPN FC and I have come to the conclusion that none of you know a damn thing. Now they weren’t crazily off but the bias is pretty evident in them and I am here to end it all. As you know my bias is to Madrid and with their not so stellar start to the season I wont have a hard time dropping them so don’t worry guys. LEGGO


  1. Juventus – Now to me this isn’t even a hard choice only lost one match in all competitions so far and it was a nonsense match to Man U in UCL group stages they are still top of their group, unbeaten in Serie A, 8 points clear of second place, Cristiano Ronaldo is about to hit his stride proclaiming his love for Juve, Alegri is still scheming with all these weapons, and not to mention they have the best center back duo in the world right now arguably. If Juve aren’t the top dogs for you then you must not have been watching.
  2. Liverpool – Now this is another easy one for me (and I do not like Liverpool) mostly because they are unbeaten in the (self proclaimed) best league in the world. They are top dogs in the EPL and the only remaining unbeaten team topping the record breaking Man city. Their only losses so far this season coming in Champions League which they have a tall order to get out of but with Salah hitting his stride again he can make magic happen, Virgil Van Dijk commanding the back line, this team with all the recent signings to strengthen it are an absolute force.                                                            giphy-2.gif
  3. Dortmund – Another team that has yet to see a loss in their league as they run through a decently competitive Bundesliga so far this year. Dortmund sits 7 points clear of second and 9 points clear of Bayern. Not to mention their success so far in the Champions League seeing themselves to the round of 16 and their only loss so far this campaign. With Reus staying fit and doing what he does, as well as the break out performances from Sancho, Alcacer, and Witsel Dortmund seems to have found the winning formula.                                                                                                          tumblr_o2asm6DuNI1rcupzfo1_540.gif
  4. Barcelona – As much as I didn’t want to put them in the top 5 you can not keep them out. Messi is still Messi he makes the impossible look easy and is surrounded but endless talent. A slow start to the season for Barca still has them at the top of their group for UCL and top of the table in Spain. After a year where they almost never lost they drop 2 matches in the league to make the title race in Spain wide open, but of course still see themselves on top. Dembele, Suarez, Rakitic, Arthur, Countinho, all there to compliment Messi, as well as Ter Stegen in top form (IMO). Do I really need to go on? This is a team nobody in Europe would like to face which is why this might be the lowest you will ever see them ranked.                                            giphy-3.gif
  5. Manchester City – The only reason that Man city is even this low with their absolutely stacked team is because they recently lost their unbeaten run in the league with a 2-0 loss to Chelsea. This dropped them to 2nd behind Liverpool by just a point. Another notable loss and draw to Lyon in the Champions league I think may have just chinked the armor so others think they might have a chance but really injuries are the only reason city is having a bit of trouble. Kevin DeBruyne has been out for the majority of the season so far, both strikers Gabriel Jesus and Aguero have seen injuries, and defensively the injury bug is going around with Ben Mendy once again catching it the worst. Other than that this team is world class David Silva, Sterling, Sane, Bernardo, Stones, Laporte, all having the Pep effect and filling in for the injuries so you might have even forgotten they were gone. City will be climbing the list again soon.                                                                                                    giphy-4.gif

6.PSG – A team with so much talent unbeaten in their league, but just something about them isn’t clicking. Granted the talent from Neymar and Mbappe makes up for it and they are one of the top teams in Europe but there is just some part of the team that gives you the sense they could implode. For now though they have already wrapped up the French league and hope to keep moving forward in UCL. We saw them outclass Liverpool which gives Paris hope for a UCL title.                                                                                              giphy-5.gif

7.Napoli – A team that has their spirit crushed by Juventus every year in the league, but has been making a name for themselves on the European level. With the attacking from Insigne and Mertens on the wings plus Mr.Ancelotti at the helm you never know who Napoli can surprise. (Looking at you Liverpool)                                                                                giphy-6.gif

  1. Tottenham – A team that made no signings over the summer is back to their usual spot flirting with 3rd or 4th place in the league, making some big time performances. Harry Kane still scoring goals and with the help of Son, Ali, Eriksen and company. Not to mention the solidity of that backline and a world cup winner in net Tottenham can also come out and surprise a lot of teams.                                          giphy-7.gif
  2. Sevilla – A team that I feel never really gets the credit they deserve were sitting on top of Barca in the league until a 92nd minute equalizer from Valencia this is a team I expect to dominate the Europa, and is really cooking offensively in La Liga. Sitting at 2nd place if they find the right lineup defensively they are going to be a hard team to play against.                                                                                                                        giphy-8.gif
  3. Lyon – This is a team near and dear to my heart in the league they aren’t always consistent, but they are for sure the second best team in the league behind PSG. In Champions league they proved they belonged by going to Manchester City and putting in 2 brilliant performances with a win and a draw. With the form that Memphis Depay seems to be in for the club and international level as well as the young talent around him this Lyon team is a very exciting one to watch in the next stages of Champions League.                                                                                                      tumblr_p2xfpcvhCj1vvwgg7o3_500.gifHonorable Mentions: Real Madird, Inter Milan, Chelsea, Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Bayern Munich, Borussia Monchen Gladbach, and Leipzig.

The last 3 and some honorable mentions could be argued to shuffle this whole thing up because I do believe Bayern, both Madrids, and Chelsea could probably beat anyone on this list depending on the day but from the results and the form this is what ya get. If you would like to argue it with me do it on Twitter @shopaaj I will tell you that you are wrong but I will listen to your points.

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