Zidane Era 2.0

Welcome all and let me just say THANK LORD ALMIGHTY WE ARE FREE ATLAST.


Solari is gone and every Madrid fan was given the greatest news they could possibly hear…. Zinedine Zidane is back in the managers spot for Madrid.


The man who has brought Madrid the last three consecutive Champions league titles, a domestic double, and 3 straight Club World Cups (Basically). The man who brought honor to the badge as a player and manager has returned. Now if you ask any Madrista who they want as manager everyone in the right mind would say Zidane, I mean shit just look at his record. This is a interesting situation for Zidane now because he comes in to close out the rest of the horror show that Solari has created with no reason to compete this season really besides pride and heart. What better man for the job that Zidane.


Ramos took blame upon himself as the captain as the team has underperformed and now they have the return of their boss to salvage what is left of a lack luster season for Madrid, after only securing 1 Club World Cup for the year. Zidane has 11 games to chase Atleti and Barca and pad his Real Madrid stats as well, before Real have to find a more permanent solution as manager. They have names such as Mourinho, Seedorf, Low, and Pochettino on their radar for now.

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