Corona Hits Spain

Now I know all the different Corona jokes you could make when it comes to Spain because damn what a lovely place to go on vacation. You got the art, the football, the food, and of course the beaches. Im surprised it took so long for Corona to find Spain especially with all the different Italians that have gone in and out of the country just from a few matches. The inevitable has finally happened  and Spain is getting hit hard.


The first team effected is none other than Real Madrid. The soccer team has no cases (yet) however a member of the Real Madrid basketball team does have the virus. This now means that because of the shared training facilities at Real Madrid City all of the Real Madrid staff will be quarantined. This also doesn’t make too much of a difference seeing that every major league and tournament in Europe has been postponed.



That’s right Spains FA has now announced that La Liga will be postponed 2 match weeks. Meaning we will not have any Spanish football til hopefully April. Not only that but after playing the first two 2nd legs of the Champions League that has also been postponed. They postponed the Champions League the same day the defending champs got knocked out. Is anyone else a little sketched out how it took them til after the games to make the decision? Not like everyone else was also taking it easy in their defense against the virus.


What started in China, then hit Italy, nobody took it seriously at all and now I lost my football. I have always said no matter what I don’t care what happens as long as the matches are played. Well now the matches aren’t being played so I have a ton of time on my hands to find the culprits and …. take care of them. I have a certain set of skills when it comes to b*tching and moaning on the internet. Mark my words I will make sure someone has to listen to me complain from UEFA. The virus may very well be on its way to the United States as most major sports are being postponed. The NHL, NBA, March Madness, and soon to be the MLS are also getting shutdown for the month. Honestly with no sports I think our country is on its way to an absolute shit show.


Imagine the amount of people that dedicated their lives to sports, use sports as an escape, use sports for their income, use sports just because normal life can be a drag. These are the people I am worried about because something is going to have to take up their time. Without sports I know I am just going to see more politics BS and people attacking each other for who they are voting for and blah blah blah. I am committed to brining the football content and I will always have that for you guys. I’ve had a plan for this if it came over to Spain and we are going to be activating it very soon. For all my Spanish football fans, and even the rest of you footy fans the plan is being activated. Just wait for it.

Written by: Anthony “Young Leg” Shopa (@aYoungLeg)

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