Cristiano Ronaldo: Breaking Banks & Records

When we talk about GOAT’s in the sport world, who is the first person that pops into your head?
For me, there is one, and he goes by the name of Cristiano Ronaldo. As a winner in Champions League, UEFA Euro, Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and more, he is just ahead of Messi to hold the title, in my book. Along with this territory, comes money, and tons of it. Cristiano is on pace to become the 3rd athlete to hit the 1 billion dollar mark over his career, after Tiger Woods and Floyd Mayweather, and is the first footballer to do so. This is obviously an amazing feat to add to his resume, especially after having a much shorter career in his sport than Mayweather and Woods had in theirs. Michael Jordan has also hit 1 billion mark, but did so in his career after basketball. Cristiano is truly an inspiration to all football fans around the world, as well as entrepreneurs learning how to build a brand and fight negativity over a career.
We have seen Ronaldo’s success blossom ever since his move to Manchester United. Going from Portugal to the Premier League is a huge step on the pitch, as well as off the pitch. Being in one of the world’s top leagues is a great way for any player to start building their brand off the field. Some may consider England to be the centerpiece of football, although I don’t, but that immediately pushes players in the right direction, just like it did with CR7. Over the years he started to build the CR7 brand to the monster house it is today; with his underwear line, cologne line, etc. and that’s just outside of football. He started racking in even more money after his transfer to Real Madrid, another big football power. This is where his brand took off, adding Spain to his market with England. CR7 is seen as a god to the Madrid people, as he should be. He helped bring them a ton of trophies and is seen as one of the best, if not the best, players in the world. Adding a lifetime brand deal with Nike sure added a good amount of money to his pocket as well.
After a great career in Spain, Cristiano moved to Juventus in summer 2018. This further broadened his market in Italy. Moving to Turin grew his brand while also growing his salary. This man made 89 million last year, between salary and other incomes, during his first full year in Italy. In one year, he became about 9% closer to the billion mark. Now I don’t know if his agent thought this would be a great move, or if Ronaldo did himself, but it is genius to make a switch to another large football loving country. Just playing in a country alone, comes with plenty more endorsements and investment sources as he had before, while still keeping his previous ones from other countries. Just like companies plan to move from country to country, Cristiano has done so himself, the man is a walking brand.
I may have made this whole thing seem simple, but this was nowhere near an easy path for the man. Going through his career without a father figure in his life and endless enemies/haters trying to bring him down, he has let nothing slow him down. Whether it was off the field accusations, or on the field troubles, nothing has given him a negative mindset and that just shows how strong he is and what that strength can lead to. This is what it takes to make it this far in a career, and continue to earn money from the sport and investments outside of it. If you are an athlete, entrepreneur, or investor; looking and researching Cristiano’s career is a great starting point to better yourself in any of these ways.
Written by: Michael “TFT Mike” Cooke (@mike_cooke3)

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