Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus

Welp… it finally happened. After 9 beautiful years, full of ups and downs, 450 goals later, 4 champions league titles, 4 Balon D’ors…… Cristiano Ronaldo has left Real Madrid.


Here is the official statement from Real Madrid here.

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Now that Zidane is gone Ronaldo has decided to follow his foot steps and leave a club when you are absolutely on top. The greatest scorer to ever grace the Real Madrid crest, the most iconic wins as a Madrista. 16 titles later, Cristiano Ronaldo is no longer that skinny boy from Lisbon, he is a seasoned veteran and legend of the game.


One who I do not expect to see the likes of again any time soon.(Or until Madrid buy his son in about 12 years) Cristiano Ronaldo brought the galacticos, and winning ways back to Madrid, he made President Perez boat loads of money on and off the field. Having Cristiano Ronaldo in your team is like having Lebron James, you are an immediate contender and the players around him are expected to be at the same level. He brought that attitude to every team he played for and other players around him became better because of it.

I know Real Madrid fans right now it feels like someone punched you in the gut you are thinking “what do we do now, can Gareth Bale stay healthy and lead us, are we going to buy another big name, Neymar? Mbappe? Kane?” These are all huge questions the club needs to answer and I believe if anyone can do it, that it’s Real Madrid. They have an experienced board, coach, and president. Real Madrid generation after generation has continued to use their brand, their legacy, and their bank account to make the club what it is today and that is the greatest on the planet.


That is why a player like Cristiano Ronaldo leaving isn’t just bad news it is also good news. This is the time we give Ronaldo thanks and respect for all that he has done at the club. The man that brought the club so much glory not only left Madrid an incredible 139 million in the transfer fee, to help try and afford his replacement, but also left after giving a three-peat of UCL trophies.  At 33 years old the back to back Balon D’or winner is still one of the most expensive players on the planet, as he should be! Cristiano Ronaldo’s legacy lives on at every single club he plays for. The price tag is the least Juventus could give after paying 90 million for Higuain, and Ronaldo being your next answer in my opinion. Juventus is a great fit for Ronaldo, another Club with a lot of culture, a lot of history, and a whole lot of winning.

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As a Madrid fan I have never seen the likes of a player like Cristiano Ronaldo ever put on the all white and do what he did. I hope to see it again. Thank you Cristiano and good luck in Turin.


Yours in football,

Young Leg.



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