Frauds of theWeek

Alright, as a gambler I have had about enough of you teams that claim to be good, spend the money, and yet choke. I have a good record still as far as my gambling has been going, however a couple of frauds got me twisted up inside.

My first name is Manchester United the home of the biggest frauds at the moment. Even with more transfers United faces the same problems with Ole at the wheel. The defense… after hundreds of millions of dollars were poured into it is still just abysmal, the hatred tossed at DeGea for what is the most overrated defense is Europe. Followed by a midfield with Matic holding aka Pogba has to cover everywhere/take the blame. United does not have the same Pogba that everyone saw at Juventus and France. Pogba and United just are not a match, and at some point they need to realize that before he leaves for free. I love their front 3 I don’t think Sancho really solves that many problems for their team, it starts at the back. Either way another embarrassing loss at the hands of Tottenham and I just have no words. Even the Palace loss has me lost for words that Zaha alone would cut your defense up that bad.

My next one is Chelsea Fc they are honestly just confusing. I am calling them frauds cause I have seen some great performances from them, but none that have been convincing enough. Does that make sense? A great 4-0 win against Crystal Palace, but it came after back to back draws against West Brom and Tottenham. I mean it is early and Frank could be trying to figure out his lineup still, but I just don’t seem to see what Lampard ball is. I am waiting for him to take all this talent he has acquired and make them into a title challenger.

Let me head over to Spain and talk to you about a team that I was so confident they were going to be good and now that I am calling them frauds will prolly turn it around… Granada. I mean I have been giving them so much hope after their last season, and no matter if I bet for or against them…..they ruin it. Following them has been a roller coaster ride with their Europa wins, but as far as in the league they are killing me a 6-1 loss to Atleti who has not scored since, and then you draw Cadiz fresh off promotion. How am I supposed to feel here? Do I stick to my always bet Spanish in European Competition rule again? Two big misses on those matches to put blemishes on my record.

Finally Villarreal a team that I had so much hope for. I mean I am most definitely going to keep picking them even after the Barcelona match. I keep giving so much hope that they will step up against the big guys only for them to let me down. Then on the flip side when I need them to blow it they show up. I mean make up your mind Emery and also put Kubo on the damn field. The record does not surprise me, it is just disappointing.

I have now caught the butt end of every single bet for/against Atletico Madrid. From a 6-1 monster beat down of Granada… To a goalless draw against Huesca. Then back to back goalless draws… I mean make up your mind! Suarez are you going to ball or not he has started the last two matches and Atleti have scored 0 goals. You can’t even say they have a tough schedule cause the one goalless draw was against Huesca. Obviously Oblak and Simeones tactics are still defensively class, but WHERE IS THE OFFENSE. We saw the offense for like 20 minutes in one match so far, other than that NOTHING.

These are the teams that I know for a fact are frauding at the moment I do have another list of teams that could be potential frauds I am definitely keeping them on the lookout. That list is being kept pretty simple….The teams that have no business doing as well as they are.

Fraud Watch List

First is Everton…. I know I know I’m an ass since I put them on here but it needed to be said they are playing unreal at the moment. The last time they played this well (7 Games won to start) was the 1984/85 season where they were league champions. Sh*t I am cool with an Everton Premier League title, but that doesn’t meet this could all just be a dream waiting to be crushed.

Next, Aston Villa. I know I am just the worst tossing these 2 on first when all they have done is work their asses off to be where they are at. Honestly it was the 7-2 beat down of Liverpool for me. How the f*ck do you even explain that without some higher being in the story. The only defeat they have faced was to Stoke City and they aren’t even in the top division. I am going to let Villa fans enjoy this cause 1 they deserve it, and 2 who knows how long this fairy tale lasts.

Finally, we have Lazio. Now Lazio have a tall order this season with Champions League football on the table. They have not been able to add a ton to their depth so the results will have a lot to do with their fitness. On top of their fitness they need to make sure they do the same things they were successful in last year. I am not sure if Immobile will be able to carry that team like he did so easily last season. A goalless draw to Benevento, and an ass beating by the hands of Atalanta have me watching to see what Lazio is really made of this year.

Listen this list can change at any time it is essentially built around who is losing me money, and who is making me money. The real winner at the end of the day is Vegas for having these frauds take away everyones money.

Written by: Anthony “Young Leg” Shopa (@ayoungleg)

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