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Hey everyone, I’m back to discuss some more transfer news going around Serie A at the moment. This time, it’s regarding two young Italian players with maximum potential, Federico Chiesa and Sandro Tonali. At ages 22 and 20, respectively, they have both already made multiple caps for the national team and look to be key pieces in the team moving forward for many years. With this potential, its no wonder big clubs have their eyes on them for the upcoming transfer window. I’ve spoken about Tonali a bit before in my Juventus transfer rumors piece, but lets say things have changed a bit and I’ll go into more on him later.

In recent news, Federico Chiesa and Fiorentina have mutually decided for him to stay through at least next season. Some reports say this has come through his great relationship with new club owner Rocco Commisso, others say its to get another good season under his belt to raise his value for the 2021 transfer window. There are definitely pros and cons to this decisions and I’ll give one or two for each. To start with the pros, Chiesa will be getting much more playing time by staying. He is a top 3 player at the club and will look to develop into a more complete forward before making a big switch. Should Frank Ribery stay as well, he would be a great teacher and mentor for Chiesa for this development as winger. Ribery is very experienced and has won many trophies with Bayern Munich, as well has having national team experience with France. The next thing that goes well with this, would be raising his value for a future transfer. He may not be making the most money possible, but this will surely raise his wages at a future club. I see this a positive for Chiesa’s future, more than the present.
The cons of the situation are that Chiesa would be missing out on competing for trophies in the current moment. He has been linked to teams such as Inter and Juventus, 2 teams currently in the fight for the Serie A title and european trophies as well. Sure, staying at Fiorentina will help his development for a future transfer, but isn’t it every kid’s dream to play Champions League football. He’ll be putting that aside for another year. Should he go to Juventus or Inter, he would be playing European football next season and would be making probably three to four times his current wages. Another con of staying another year is the fear of injury, another big reason why most young players make early moves to big clubs. I would never wish this on someone, but should Chiesa pick up a major injury next season, it could affect the price on a transfer or if the transfer even happens at all. Taking the move now would definitely seal the bag.
Lets move on to Sandro Tonali. Like I mentioned before, I spoke into detail on the Tonali links with Juventus. However, things have changed since then. Recent reports show that Inter are now the frontrunner to sign Tonali this summer, passing Juventus. The main reason Juventus have dropped back in the race is that they are currently in negotiations for some other big names available this summer. I would hope Juventus can add Tonali as I think he would be a great center piece moving forward, but Inter should have an influx of money to spend, since Mauro Icardi will officially be out the door in this window. That should bring in more than enough money for the Tonali purchase and more. According to Gazzetta Dello Sport, Inter have offered Brescia 35 million with 5 million in bonuses, and Juventus have matched the offer. However, Brescia think that is too low of an asking price, meaning Juventus can hang in the race for now, but as the price keeps raising, they may start fading out. Inter has more funs for transfers at the current moment, giving them the advantage here moving forward. We’ll see how this develops and if other big clubs in Italy and possibly Europe jump into the race.
Written By: Michael “TFT Mike” Cooke (@mike_cooke3)

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