Games I’d Erase From Memory: Johnny Walker


Johnny Walker here, but you can call me Mr.Blue. When the gaffer had told me to have an article ready I was stumped with what I was going to write. Thankfully I saw the series of games to erase from memory and immediately knew this is when I would come into the limelight. So here we go my list of 5 games I need to re-watch again.


  1. Chelsea vs Barcelona Champions League Semi-Final (2011-12)

I mean you talk to any Chelsea fan in the world I am not sure if they will say this game first, but if it isn’t in their top 5 they can go kick rocks. Going against one of Pep Guardiola’s greatest sides ever, being the under dog, just a thrill ride of a match. Going into the game down and then Busquets getting another goal in the first half it seemed to be all but over. NAH UH. Lampard and Ramires get the game all evened up in the Camp Nou as Chelsea would face a bombardment from Barca in the second half. Petr Cech held on, Messi missed a penalty kick, Ashley Cole smashed a ball down field, and the rest is how you say HISTORY. Torres rounds Valdes for the win and makes that extravagant price tag well worth it.


2. Chelsea vs Bolton Premier League (2004-05)

On the first season of Mourinho’s debut he brought glory to the Blues by winning the title for the first time in 50 years. Not only did he win the title, not only did he have the boys absolutely buzzing, he called when and where he would win the title. He had not only said they were going to win the league, but said they would do it at the Reebok Stadium. Chelsea came in and Bolton fought hard, but in the end Bolton would fall right into Mourinho’s plans. By sitting in and not letting Bolton attack at all, but sucking them in so they could counter attack the other way. Now these days you are thinking typical Mourinho but in 04/05 nobody could figure it out. Lampard went on to score a brace in the 2-0 victory that secured us the title. Lampard POTY. Easily.


3. Chelsea vs Bayern Munich Champions League Final (2011-12)

Well on this day Chelsea were the clear and obvious underdogs. Bayern Munich who has dominated for decades in this very competition were looking absolutely unbeatable. When the match even started through the first half I am sure you could see the power of Bayern. Both sides were throwing everything they had at the goals, but couldn’t get anything on the score sheet. Finally 82nd minute Muller finally finds the answer for Bayern to give them a 1-0 lead. After all seemed lost a savior came onto the field by the name of Didier Drogba, 88th minute equalizer! The game would eventually head into penalties where Bayern was hard done with some of their spot kickers, but it was THAT MAN AGAIN DIDIER DROGBA sealed the deal with the final penalty. Chelsea became the first London club to raise the European title. They also tossed Tottenham out of Champions League qualification with this win which was also another dub.


4. Chelsea vs. Barcelona Champions League (2004-05)

Now we all know the rivalry between Chelsea and Barcelona. From being robbed in Champions League, to some suspect transfers, Barcelona and us blues don’t always see eye to eye. (Maybe that is why YL brought me in?) Either way it always leads to some dramatic games, and high quality matches. After losing at the Camp Nou 2-1 we knew we weren’t out of it yet because Barcelona had a reputation of quitting in big matches. Chelsea came out of the dressing room hot, Eidur Gudjohnsen, Frank Lampard and Damien Duff all scored goals that put the Blues ahead. Obviously when Ronaldinho steps on the field you take notice as he score 2 goals right back, after getting peppered for a while Cech pulls off a ridiculous save and Captain Terry gets us the winner. Advancing in the Champions League is great, but nothing is sweeter than knocking out those Spaniards.


5. Chelsea vs Arsenal Europa League Final (2018-19)

Now obviously I am not thrilled with the Europa League title, but if you are going to be in the competition you might as well win the whole damn thing. Arsenal had Unai Emery in charge who has had plenty of Europa League success. Arsenal were looking good heading into the match but that was all about to change. Now I won’t lie to ya the first half was rough. The boys in blue came out hot in the second half as the ex-Arsenal man himself Olivier Giroud was able to take the lead in the 49th minute. A sweetly hit volley for the big French man. Pedro was next in the 60th minute to get on the board, Eden Hazard added another from the spot, now all of a sudden it is 3-0 and we are feeling good. Iwobi is subbed on and hits an absolute screamer which gets me worried for about 4 minutes, because thats all the time it took for Hazard to come down and get the brace. 4-1 final, now I know they say North London is red, but just know that the whole entirety of London is BLUE. The title wasn’t the sweet part of this victory it was the opportunity to take it from another London club. Thanks Unai.


Written by: Johnny “Mr.Blue” Walker

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