Good Bye Crouchy

This offseason we say goodbye to an absolute footballing legend… a forward who mesmerized fans with his insane ability and is loved by fans, players and managers alike. We say goodbye to legendary Peter Crouch. 


Okay that might have been a little bit of a stretch, but boy what a career Crouchy made for himself. Standing at a staggering 6’7, he is one of football’s oddballs and that’s exactly what we all love about him. Having graced some of the top sides in the Premier League, his height was very much used to his advantage and made himself a novelty in English football.


The 38 year old frontman is calling it a career despite actually claiming he wanted to continue on until age 40. Admitting pace and movement was not a big part of his game, he aimed for a very late retirement because his style of play was much less taxing to his body. However, he retires 2 years earlier than that mark after finding himself playing very bit-part roles in recent seasons, leaving him feeling a bit of discontent. His last mark on English football remains with Burnley, whom he signed for last January after an 8 year stint at Stoke City. Even at 38 this man was getting offers to return to the Premier League!


Despite being a comical novelty in the sport, he actually contributed very well on international stage as well. In 42 England appearances, Crouch netted 22 goals.. which is actually a spectacular feat (including 2 World Cups). The very athletic, fast paced, one striker system type football we see today slowly pushed Crouch away to the peripherals of the game, but he continued on. 


His legacy will show that football does not fit a certain physical mold and playing how your body is suited is the best way to get the most out of yourself. New generation footballers can look at him and know that anyone can play football and make a fantastic career for themselves. His comical personality and insight into the game with his podcasts makes him a fan favorite and it is these players we will always remember as the years roll by… and I’ll never forget that wonder volley goal of the season.


Enjoy retirement Crouchy.. you absolute legend.


Written by: Andrew Diefenderfer (@DiefDorf)

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