Good bye Frank, Hello Tuchel.

How do I start? Besides saying Thank you. To a true blue, a Chelsea legend Frank Lampard. The job he did as manager wasn’t great, but he faced tough times, brought great talent to the club, and I will never forget what he’s done to establish Chelsea as one of the greats in England.

Now, thats over SHEEESH. I mean we spend 250 million and we are battling with Arsenal for top half of the table? WHAT IS HAPPENING! I love Lampard he is the greatest english midfielder of all time, but I never really figured out what “Lampard Ball” was. I mean his tactics sometimes shone through, but it was also all over the place. It felt like he was just trying to be great and try all these nonsense styles. However now we got Thomas Tuchel.

Thats right the ex-Dortmund, ex-PSG manager coming off a french league title is coming to London. I am going to be completely honest I don’t understand the hype we got a coach who got binned from Dortmund and PSG, kind of like sloppy seconds. We got a manager that couldn’t handle the pressure at either of these clubs to come into a delicate situation with the amount of money already poured into the team. However german manager coming in to help our now 2 priciest players (Havertz and Werner) I think this could actually work. Not to mention his connection with Pulisic from Dortmund one of the managers that got the best out of him. Tuchel has experience in the big games which Lampard lacked, and I think with the resume he has put together he will get the best out of our squad.

Next issue is getting the Germans back into form. Anyone that is asking to buy more people all need to just take a deep breath and realize what kind of talent we have here. Do we honestly want to lose money and make another mistake…. by mistake I mean KDB, Lukaku, Cuadrado, Salah… do I really need to keep going? I think Tuchel who dealt with some tough players at PSG will be able to get the most out of our attack. He is good with player development, and plays a good brand of football. I expect things to turn around and get back into Champions League qulaification.

PS. Tammy Abraham is still the best pure striker on the team.

Written by: Johnny Walker (@TFTJohnny)

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