Good Bye Zizou, Hello Mr Ancelotti

Well, Madristas we can breathe again somewhat. Carlo Ancelotti has announced he will be stepping down from Everton and heading back to the Spanish capital where he won he last Champions League.

This by no means makes it okay what the board did to Zidane, this does however make up for them sacking Ancelotti during his last term after bringing us La Decima. The man who helped teach Zidane everything he knows about running Real Madrid, and dominating Europe has returned and I for one am ecstatic. This is a man who I felt should of never been kicked out just to bring in Rafa Benitez, this is a man that if anyone can fill the shoes of success Zidane has left behind it is Mr.Ancelotti. He got the best out of our team and I think he is an excellent choice to lead the next era of Madrid. After a spell in Italy and England he finally comes home to a club very close to his heart. I feel sorry for Everton fans that this is how it all went down, but at the end of the day can you honestly blame him…. This is REAL MADRID.

I feel like I am constantly trying to explain to people that when Real Madrid calls you pick up the phone. There are very few players in the world that have ever let that call go to voice mail, and with that comes all of the “what ifs” and can he live up to the expectation. Ancelotti is a man that has already done it here. Carlo Ancelotti is a manager with the most UCL’s (tied with Zidane) won by a single manager. He isn’t coming alone though. With Ancelotti Madrid have picked up sporting director Luis Campos, and fitness coach Antonio Pintus returns as well. Obviously two areas that Madrid have been severely lacking the last few years. This new Era of Madrid is going to be a massive one, with a new stadium coming, the Galacticos coming in, and the old guard finally making their way out I am glad we are going for a whole new look in Madrid.

All this being said I am sad to see Zidane go, I still feel there is no good replacement for Zidane. I feel that everything he has done would keep him at the club for decades. I always felt Zidane would be our Sir Alex Ferguson, but of course the board has different ideas. The ideas I am seeing as of right now are looking pretty spectacular and if there was a replacement for Zidane this is a damn good one. If Zidane doesn’t immediately get a job somewhere I hope he comes back to work with Ancelotti and help mold this Madrid team into what could be one of the strongest ones we have seen.

With this of course comes the Real Madrid expectations and mine are as high as ever. Mbappe to Madrid. Open the new greatest stadium in the world. European Glory. I don’t think I am asking for too much.

Written by: Anthony “Young Leg” Shopa (@ayoungleg)

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