I Can See The Futures

Alright people, if you haven’t listened to the new #TFT episode do it because its out right now. If you haven’t listened to it don’t worry about it, your dead to me, and its also only been out for about 20 minutes. On that episode you heard me dive into it being Future season. Future season is where you have had a good enough amount of time watching the teams and leagues (after about 10 matches) to the point that you can figure where they will fall into the table while the odds still look great. This year future season has come in beautifully as most of the teams that I have as favorites started off like shit. Let’s dive right into this I know some of you are visual learners so I got you.

Let us start over in the Premier League where fucking Tottenham are somehow on top. I mean if you have watched Tottenham play this year, sure we will be impressed but EPL Champions worthy? Hell no. Here is what the table looks like right now.

As you can tell the table looks a lot different from usual… Tottenham is in first, West Ham is in 5th, both Manchester clubs aren’t even qualifying for Europe. Just a whole lot of blasphemy and I want to open your eyes a bit. First team I want to look at is the one that I believe is the hottest and can really only continue you improve (barring injury of course) Chelsea FC.

Right now Chelsea is sitting in 3rd, have an absolutely loaded roster of fresh talent, and every match they get more and more comfortable with each other. The only downfall for Chelsea is if Lampard literally can’t figure it out with that absolutely stacked offense of Pulisic, Werner, Havertz, Ziyech, sh*t Giroud just put 4 past Sevilla yesterday. Not to mention all the young guns Reece, Mount, Gimlour, Tomori, the list goes on and on. With a competent goalie as well Chelsea are looking fierce. As they sit in 3rd place their odds to win the league are up to +650 ! That is absurdly high for a team that like I said “Can only get better”. Have you seen a team with this much talent get worse as the season goes on? They build chemistry and continue to get more comfortable in the league no? Just some food for thought.

Chelsea to win 20/21 EPL +650

Next we got Man City who are sitting all the way in 12th. Crazy thing is they are still +160 and the favorite to win the league. I have no idea how this possibly works, but at the same time I get it. This is a team that played without their 2 top goal scorers for like 3 months. Sterling is back, Jesus is back, and Aguero is on his way back. Not only is this going to help the offense but also lighten the load on De Bruyne. Not to mention put his assist count through the roof. Pep’s men just completely dismantled Burnley and they will most likely go on a win streak. I doubt the odds even stay this high so if you are a fan of City now is the time to bet.

City to win 20/21 EPL +160

Next I am heading over to Spain who is having a similar crisis but not as bad. Barcelona is slowly climbing their way back up, while Madrid try to heal from the endless injuries. The time to bet is now. Here is the La Liga table.

Besides a couple randoms and some teams needing to swap spots this table is how you’d expect it. Besides the fact that Real Madrid and Barcelona aren’t battling for first. I don’t think I need to even explain why this is a future bet I am just going to lump it together. Barcelona is going to be riding the Lionel goodbye tour, Real Madrid will be riding the redemption tour (Hazard). Right now Atletico Madrid is the favorite to win the whole thing which always seems funny to me to give them this kind of false hope. Real Madrid and Barcelona odds to win the league will not get any higher and if you didn’t know this is their league. No more explanation needed. Now it is time to pick the blue pill or the red pill.

Real Madrid to win La Liga 20/21 +230

Barcelona to win La Liga 20/21 +270

Finally I am making my last stop in Italy, the Serie A.. CALACIO. This is another unique situations cause there is a bunch of teams doing very well that we might not of expected. Sh*t AC Milan still haven’t lost a match and its December. Here is a look at the table.

So I am not going to sugar coat this at all. The only and I mean THE ONLY way Juventus don’t win the league would be if Pirlo is that much of a disaster of a manager. As you can tell it hasn’t been a stellar start HOWEVER Juventus still has not lost a game either. They at one point only had 1 healthy CB on the roster and no healthy fullbacks. The fact that nobody was able to beat them while they were missing Ronaldo, De ligt, Alex Sandro, Chiellini, or Bonucci apparently didn’t set off any alerts to anyone else. Well guess what I’m f*ckin watching. That is the type of stuff that doesn’t get past these eye balls. You got Dybala coming back from injury, an almost entirely brand new midfield building chemistry, and a new manager. HOW HAVENT THE LOST YET? But some of y’all seem to think they wont win this year….. what makes this year any different from the 9 straight they just won? This is a no brainer.

Juventus to win Serie A 20/21 +300

Yeah you read that right +300. Just the disrespect to the team that has controlled this league for a literal decade. No like straight up look it up the last 10 years they dominated this league. I am having none of this! Also little bonus if you are like me you are looking for more so here you go.

Real Madrid 20/21 La Liga Winners + Juventus 20/21 Serie A Winer+1200

Written by: Anthony “Young Leg” Shopa (@ayoungleg)

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