Is Lampard The Right Man For The Job?

Hello all, and welcome to my TED talk. Frank Lampard in his first season as Chelsea boss has the blues sitting in 3rd place. With 4 matches remaining and being only 1 point ahead of 4th, securing Champions League football is his main goal to me. However the words consistency and trust come to mind when I am thinking of Frank Lampard, and that is just not how the season has gone for him.


I think in his first season as a Premier League manager he has done a fine job. I mean look he came in on a transfer ban, lost his clubs best player (Hazard), and dealt with all the problems Sari left him behind. The problems being lack of a solidified back line, and of course the whole Kepa situation. I think Frank has done great work for Chelsea recovering their squad after the regime swap, and handling the youth coming up. These were two massive steps for the club and for Frank, BUT if he doesn’t secure this Champions League spot his job may be in trouble. To me since Bayern already put us in the coffin and is just lowering us into the hole this 2nd leg, we need to get Champions League football for next year. Not only to secure signings from the big names we want to go after, but to fulfill promises to the big names already joining us. (Ziyech and Werner)


With 4 games remaining this season Frank sure has kept us on the edge of our seats. I mean we started the year off with a win against Barcelona, then got MOWED down by Manchester United in the first match of the season. Even after the COVID-19 hiatus and the return Chelsea came roaring back with wins against City, Leicester, and knocking Liverpool out of the FA Cup. Then we lose to West Ham and get blown out by Sheffield United? I mean Frank REEL IT IN, how do we possibly put up these performances against the top teams, then play down to the level of our opponents. My only problem with Frank is that he will have the squad buzzing, have the fans excited, have you filled with confidence to the BRIM, and then get smacked in the face 3-0 by Sheffield.


We are into our final 4 matches of the season, and they are going in the perfect order of fu*kery for the blues. We start against Norwich, should be a simple win against a team who has clinched relegation. Chelsea are home for the match (not that it matters) and we should end with a win. So, that’s 3 points right there next we have Manchester United who are red hot. The combination of Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogba is new and scary, I don’t know if it is something we will have to worry about next season; but for now I’m worried. Who knows Franks plan for United, then we got the CHAMPS Liverpool at Anfield. Liverpool, who knows if they a really going to show up because they could just be celebrating. I think this will be a much easier game than we all are thinking because we still have something to fight for…they don’t. Finally our last match is against Wolves we will be at the Bridge with another team thats been inconsistent since the restart, but still going to be a great game. I am very confident that Chelsea will get around 10/12 points for all these games. The bigger question is will it be enough to keep them in the top 4?


Finally, I wanna talk about Franky. Franky Lamps. This man helped mold my club into what you see today. He brought a legacy to the club that very few other english clubs have. I just want you all to know how much I respect what he has done for the club, and what he means to this club. Frank Lampard is a legend and a blue for life. BUT if he is unable to get us qualified for Champion’s League… how safe is his job? I feel like beginning of the season the board didn’t have these crazy audacious expectations. No, they wanted a guy that could bring a good culture in, help build a squad, and also help get them out of the transfer ban with as little damage to the club as possible. Insert Frank, a club legend, someone the fans would never get upset with, and he has been pretty successful so far. I really think that if we want to see what Frank is actually able to do we need to commit to him, or at least give him another transfer window. He is obviously building something that is going to be great long term, and he has sold some huge young talent on it. With the likes of Pulisic, Ziyech, and Timo Werner joining forces how can you possibly not be patient with Frank. At the very least the jersey money Chelsea will bring in is going to be massive and pay for a huge chunk of the wage. That is probably why we debuted our kits so quickly. With Frank Lampard on the rise, and if he secures this Champion’s league spot there is only two more steps for Chelsea.

  1. Give Frank Lampard an Extension (3 years)
  2. Go Sign Kai Havertz
  3. That’s all the steps


I am letting y’all know right now if we sign Kai Havertz it is all over. Bye bye half ass Mason Mount, welcome Kai Havertz. I mean can you imagine…. Pulisic out left, Ziyech out right, Werner down the middle, Havertz sitting behind him. I am pretty sure I signed all of them in FIFA, but I cheated to do it. LETS GO BLUES!

Frank Lampard

EPL Games Managed: 35

EPL Games Won: 18

EPL Goals Scored: 63

EPL Goals Allowed: 49

EPL Clean Sheets: 7


Written by: Johnny Walker (@TFTJohnny)

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