Is Messi Really Leaving?

Listen, I’m not one to listen/dive into rumors.ESPECIALLY if that rumor is about Lionel Messi leaving Barcelona. That being said let’s get into this rumor of Messi leaving Barcelona.


Now let me be clear I am a Madrista so you will be getting that cold blooded truth from a dark side of me. Although I will never believe a “Messi is Leaving” headline until it comes out of Lionel’s mouth….. I could totally see him leave. He is 33 years old and slowing down, compared to his 50 goal self of the past. The Barcelona team they are building around him is abysmal and expensive. With their last few 100 Million dollar bids falling flat.(One even contributed to their Champions League exit) They have also gone through 2 managers just this season and went trophy less with none looking reachable at the moment.


On top of all that this wouldn’t be the first time Messi quit on his “home”. How many retirements did we see from the national team after tough losses? I would not be surprised one bit if he left. You are Lionel Messi do you not deserve to play with the best? Ronaldo left, why not follow Maradona’s lead by leaving Barca after a tough loss. The fact that his last game for Barcelona would be their historic loss in the Champions League is just the icing on top for me.


Next we have the FLOOD of rumors guessing where his transfer will be. These are always electric, I have a most likely and a favorite one for you. My absolute favorite one is Messi for Hazard swap sending Messi over to Los Blancos. Now say what you want about hating the man because I have spewed venom at his for years, but I would take him in a heart beat. For the sheer jersey sales that would be worth it, for the look on Barcelona fans faces it would be worth it, to watch him line up against Barcelona wearing the ROYAL WHITE it would be worth it. Not to mention he is like really good and we would destroy Europe with it. I am mostly in it for the pettiness.


The most likely one for right now is Inter Milan. I genuinely think they stirred up enough media attention to actually make Messi think about it. Not only did they have a meeting place, but Conte talking about winning and the board needs to trust him. Let’s think about Conte’s comments he made recently.

“My problem is that I have a vision, I see the path we have to take and I know what we need to do.

“I can be a lightning rod for the first year, but if you don’t learn and keep making the same mistakes, then that’s just crazy.

“If you want to reduce the gap with Juventus you have to be strong on the pitch but above all off it.”

His comments towards the heads of the club made it seem like he is ready to make this a winning club right now. Lionel Messi rumors began when his father got a new apartment in the area of Italy easily accessible by the club. I mean this rumor is also meaningless because who wouldn’t buy a house in Italy if they weren’t rich, BUT we are going with it. Messi’s father is supposedly there in order to broker a deal with Inter. I think this may end up being one of those speak it into existence deals, and Barcelona getting absolutely sh*t on by Bayern is pushing him out. I can’t think of a reason he wouldn’t want to make the old man Ronaldo v Messi era go over in Italy. Italy does contain the fountain of youth and it could stretch out their careers PLUS MAKE SERIE A LEGENDARY AGAIN.



Back to being a Madrid fan… having Messi leave in such a dire situation would be great. However this is Barcelona and they have seen dark days before and come back. They just recently appointed Ronald Koeman who is an excellent manager and can help guide the young dutchman on the team that might just be Barcelona’s main man soon. Thank goodness Barcelona has the likes of Griezmann and Dembele to fill Messi’s role, so atleast you can count on being top 4. Hala Madrid! Champions of Spain.


Written by: Anthony “Young Leg” Shopa (@ayoungleg)

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