Julie Shopa #1 Soccer Mom—> Evidence

What is going on people and happy Mother’s day to all you mothers out there. I am not here to tell you how my mom is the best, I am just going to show you.


So, as I am sure all of you have seen the football fans, and analyst asking their wives to make an XI team based off the names you heard them say the most. I thought it was fitting to do the same with my mother, the amount of nonsense football info I have spat at her I figured some awesome names must of stuck. Now I will let you know we named two of our dogs after footballers, little bit of a cheat. Here is what she came up with.


Now ignoring the few spelling errors, and the fact that she prolly just put Silva cause she knew someones name was Silva…(shady) This is a monster of a team. Let’s just break this down a little bit. Taking just some of the highlight points of this team.

She Drove Zack Steffen To Soccer Practice Weekly

Believe it or not… once upon a time YL and Zack shared the field in youth soccer, and through high school. Up until we could finally drive the parents would split the driving and she still brags about it to this day. Zack you would be nowhere without Julie.

Messi and Ronaldo Pairing

I mean talk about a layup of an attacking duo, my Mom puts the 2 goats together. Did your mom make the greatest managerial move of all time? Nah, didn’t think so.

Midfield is Asking For SC Top 10

You have to just assume my Mom is a marketing wizard as well with the midfield she created. She may haved spelled Ronaldinho and Henry incorrectly, but if they are running the wings…. I GOT THE GAME ON! Love me some attacking football. Adding Beckham and Pele is to hit the women cause Beckham is a sexual mastermind, adding Pele is for the old people NOSTALGIA. Marketing….Wizard.


So, there just might be only 1 actual defender on this team…. but who else’s mom paired them with their favorite player/captain/legend Sergio Ramos? NOT YOURS! The Silva call is just such a safe move by her probably running out of players to name. Everyone knows there is like 50 million Silva’s, them and Dembele’s. Finally tossing Benzema in just because our dogs name is Benz is classic Julie. Also knowing that we love Benzema and I would love the pick anyway. Lady just gets it.



Written by: Anthony “Young Leg” Shopa (@ayoungleg)

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