Juventus Transfer Rumors

As life without football continues, the struggle gets worse and worse everyday. This means we don’t have much to talk about, which only leads to one thing; transfer rumors!
So, I’m hearing a lot of possible summer transfers that Juventus are looking into to boost the squad for next season. Their main spots that are lacking this season are the midfield and a true number nine to compliment Ronaldo and Dybala. Before the suspension of football, we saw the midfield start to pick up their step with Ramsey and Bentancur starting to build chemistry together and keep form for a few matches. With that being said, they need to cut loose from a few experienced players that have played a big role in Juve’s past, but are not in the plans for the future. Here are the players I have coming in and going out.



Paul Pogba
The main man that is at the center of all Juventus rumors for this summer is Paul Pogba. Obviously, I would be a huge fan of bringing Pogba back to the bianconeri . They have been missing a creative midfielder for awhile now, possibly even since he left. It looks like his time is coming to an end in Manchester, and it recently came out last Juve tried to sign him in the Summer 2019 window, making this rumor much more than a rumor and a real possibility for this Summer. Pogba would fit right in with the team under the attack and could continue the chemistry he once had with Dybala while building new with Cristiano. Although Ramsey is still looking to become the top option in this role, there is no debate when picking between him and Pogba. Rambo could make a great super sub though.
Sandro Tonali
The young man from Brescia would be a perfect fit for the Juventus midfield. He would take over in the number six role sitting right behind the midfield to start play with precise passing and control of the ball. If anything good has come from Brescia’s brutal Serie A season, it is the emergence of another young Italian midfielder. With Pjanic likely on his way out, Tonali would make the perfect fit to replace him. This would be different from Juventus’ previous strategies of signing older, more experienced midfielders to the team, but they need to start building with young talent, or they may get left behind in the future. Inter have also been rumored to sign Tonali, as I’m sure all Italian clubs would want him, so Juve need to make moves early to avoid him going to their rivals or any other teams in competition.
Mauro Icardi
Since the Summer 2019 transfer window, the one rumor that has always surprised me is Mauro Icardi. As the former Inter captain, it now makes sense to me that he would come to Juventus after his fallout with Inter management. I would love to sign Icardi, under one condition; Dybala stays. There were previous rumors of a swap deal involving Dybala and Icardi, which I was not a fan of, the only way this would work would be a cash transfer or including on of our aging midfielders. Icardi is the exact player Juve are missing in their attack; a true number nine. It seems their attackers are always dropping back to pick up the ball leaving no one in front of goal and this is where he comes in. Icardi is a true poacher and when given chances, always puts it away. It may come as an expensive signing, but one that needs to be made, and lets not forget the bianconeri number 9 kit is still open. We’ll see how this develops moving forward since Inter seem like they don’t want to sell to Juve, and PSG would likely keep him if they buyout the loan.


I’ll keep this part short and sweet. There are three Juventus players that immediately cross my mind when thinking of who to cut ties with at the end of the season; Higuaín, Pjanic, and Khedira. Don’t get me wrong, I truly appreciate what all these players have done for Juventus in the past, but there always comes a time to move on and that is this summer.
After a couple of loan spells Higuaín has lost his touch, outside of the random banger he scores once every two months. Pjanic looks one of two ways on the field; he either looks lost and is trying to find where he is, or like he isn’t trying. That is the first step in realizing his time is up here and maybe needs a fresh start elsewhere. I think Juve will look to include him in a deal for Pogba or Icardi. Lastly, Sami Khedira’s needs to be moved elsewhere this summer. He is one of the players who I always notice is giving his 100% whenever he steps on the pitch, however, age has not treated him nicely. He is too slow to keep up with Sarri’s offensive football and with this, he makes mistakes leading to opposing chances. I love these players to death, but both sides must move on for the better.
I think its clear that the players coming in would far out-value the players going out. One way to look at it is the jersey sales. The three players leaving aren’t selling jerseys anymore, but the players coming in would sell a ton. So that’s a decent financial strategy to try and make ends meet. Again, these are just rumors, but we’ll see how they play out.


Written by: Michael “TFT Mike” Cooke (@mike_cooke3)

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