Kean to Everton

Guess who’s back, back again, Moyes is bac….


HA YOU THOUGHT! The Toffees have recently picked up Moise Kean, the Juventus wonder-boy, for a relatively cheap price of 32 million Euros. I am honestly shocked that Juventus decided to let this lad go. Juventus fans need not worry though as the club is insisting that a buy-back clause be implemented in the deal, hopefully that gets done and we get to see this 19 year old beast in the Prem this season.

Kean burst onto the scene at just the age of 16 in the Champions League for Juventus and has been talked up ever since. This year he produced at an incredible clip for his limited amount of appearances, 17. Of his 661 minutes of time on the pitch Kean produced seven goals and one assist. If you average that out he is producing more than a point per match. His form did not drop off during Euro qualifiers as the young Italian was brought into the Azzurri. In his first three matches with the national side he produced two goals, and I hope for the Italian national side he continues to produce more to get the Italians back to the World Cup stage in 2022. 


Everton got a great deal on a very promising player whose ceiling is remarkably high. The Toffees struggled for goals last season outside of the likes of Richarlison and Sigurdsson. The addition of Kean to the squad could see the return of a Lukaku like player the neighbors of Liverpool have been missing. The Toffees still have some working out to do in the midfield and their defense was absolutely atrocious at times last year, but hopefully a bolster in goal scoring could allow the Toffees to take their place back at the top half of the table on a more consistent basis. 

The young man is big, fast, powerful, skillful, and he can score goals. Premier League, you are officially on notice, watch out.

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Written by: Tyler “Tweeder” Bond

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