Keylor Navas So Long Farwell

It is a sad day my friends, as a Madrista we have lost a major part of our family. The man that was between the sticks for 5 years of glory.

Keylor Navas.


So Keylor Navas, the 32 year old Costa Rican is on his way to Paris after a 15 Million purchase to become PSG’s number 1. The reason behind his departure is obviously Real Madrid trying to switch from the old guard to the next generation of Madristas. Do I agree with it? F*ck no Courtois is not a Real Madrid goalkeeper and I will never have faith in him the way Navas did.

In Navas’s time at Madrid he was coming off a ridiculous 2014 World Cup and carried that form through his next 5 years. Averaging under 1 goal allowed per game for Madrid, 52 shut outs out of his 169 appearances, he won 3 Champions League titles, 1 La Liga title, 4 Club World Cup titles, 1 Spanish Super Cup, 3 UEFA Super Cups, just a massive haul.


Keylor Navas represented everything that Madrid could ask for in a goal keeper. He is the only goalie since San Iker who I believe really embodied what Real Madrid represents. The way he carried himself on and off the field, the way he could effect a game, the way that he helped carry Real Madrid back to glory with 3 straight Champions League titles. I have nothing but thanks to give to this man he has done nothing wrong and did it all with a smile. I do feel he is wrong done by being replaced with the 27 year old Belgian who is not at his level, but I understand having to replace the old guard. However the goal keeper has to be one of the last positions to go in my opinion they age the most gracefully. Have a look at the midfield for replacements Perez.

Just another small fact that Keylor Navas averaged a trophy for Madrid every 12 games. TWELVE GAMES FOR A TROPHY.


I wish him all the best he really deserves all the love and adoration he receives and then some. I hope maybe Perez even understands the mistake he made and gets him back. If not I am still looking for a Courtois replacement. Keylor Navas is a top 5 goal keeper in the world over the last 5 years, and I will be bold enough to say I think he is a top 3 goal keeper for Real Madrid all time. So long sweet prince.




Written By: Anthony (Young Leg) Shopa (@shopaaj)

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