La Liga 20-21 Predictions

Alright people listen up… were just a few days away from the greatest football this planet has to offer, LA LIGA! Athletic Bilbao will be traveling to face Granada in the opening match, and it couldn’t come any faster. With this excitement sending that certain tingle through my body, comes of course with my 20-21 predictions for Spanish football.

YL’s Top 4

  1. Real Madrid
  2. Barcelona
  3. Atletico Madrid
  4. Villarreal

Alright so obviously number 1 we got Real Madrid, Zidane is going back to back. With the trouble Barcelona is having, and the addition of Odegaard, Reguillon, and Odriozola I am confident in Madrid. Barcelona are in trouble financially and Madrid are surviving and thriving with the bald one. Atletico have had a quiet transfer window and with no new additions they can only hope for 3rd place again.

The real thrill ride is going to be the last Champions League spot once again. Sevilla has brought back Rakitic which is a great move for the club, but a team that relied on attacking from the wing back position just lost Reguillon. (The guy that helped them win a Europa) On the opposite side Real Sociedad has brought Spanish legend David Silva to fill the role left from Odegaard and what a replacement it is. The high power offense filled with young talent will now be maestro’d by David Silva. Then you got Villarreal who MADE MOVES. After qualifying for Europa league they needed to bolster their roster and it is exactly what they did. Parejo, Coquelin, Kubo (on loan), and thats to go with an already electric offense (3rd highest scoring team in the league last season). A beautiful mixture of pace, experience, creativity, and pure finishing. Villarreal is taking 4th this year mark my words.

Rounding Out Europe

5. Real Sociedad

6. Sevilla

7. Real Betis

For me Spain is the greatest, thats why we have 7 teams possibly going to Europe. I can’t tell you if we will have that many again this year, but were pretty great over here. 5th place I am going with Real Sociedad, and they will be having quite the season this year. They don’t seem like they are going to be slowing down, and I really believe David Silva is about to find new life in Spain playing with the likes of Oyarzabal, Isak, Portu, and Merino. 6th place I got Sevilla they are the Europa League warriors and I know that is where they truly want to be. They made some decent purchases moving forward but, I really think lacking a new wing back is going to mess up their flow. Also for 7th I like to pick kind of a “dark horse”/ “Who the f*ck thought they would be here”, and that pick is Real Betis. Real Betis quietly have built up their arsenal once again under the great mind of Manuel Pellegrini. He quietly snagged Claudio Bravo and Victor Ruiz for free, and added Montoya for more defensive depth from Brighton. They are currently looking at Boufal as well from Southampton and pairing all these players with the likes of Fekir and co. I see him squeaking in. Also cementing the 2nd worst defense last year will solve a ton of problems.

Relegation Candidates

I am pretty bad at these, I think I do better in the Premier League because there isn’t as much “nostalgia factor” for me in English football. However I GOT IT THIS YEAR.

Obviously you gotta pick 3 teams and seeing how it is the first time one of these teams have ever even been here, I hate to do it but Cadiz is going back down. I mean after the fights of their lives to get promoted I think they are going to get a great experience of the Spanish top flight and just get crushed. Preparing for a league where you have absolutely no experience is never going to be easy, and definitely not in Spain.

I am even more sorry to say this next name, but Celta Vigo. Such a great club in the top flight always fighting never giving up, but they just can’t possibly do it anymore. They must have squeezed every last winner out of Iago Aspas at this point. They made some moves, but all small ones nothing that makes an electric charge go through your team. Unless some youngster comes out of nowhere like Miguel Baeza from Real Madrid Castilla.

Finally we got Elche, the team that in my opinion didn’t complete deserve to get the promotion. Argue that however you want just seems like they got hot at the right time, but they won’t be able to compete with Spain’s top flight. No real transfer moves at all so far with a squad that had them in 6th place in the Segunda Division.

Yes they literally made a gif attacking the league champions already… lets see how it plays out for them.

Written by: Anthony “Young Leg” Shopa (@ayoungleg)

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