La Liga Broken Records

La Liga Santander, the Spanish league, the greatest league on the planet. It’s not soccer people….. ITS LA LIGA. Well the final match whistle has blown and Real Madrid are your champions. What a season we got this year from the constant battle of the top dogs going after the title, to the relegation sides fighting for their lives to the final minute. Leganes and Celta Vigo was extra exhilarating to watch with both teams knowing survival was on the line. We aren’t here to go over La Liga results right now (thats a whole different blog) we are here to talk about the ridiculousness of this old men on two of the greatest teams in the world.


The first is Lionel Messi.


                                      (Why Does This Feel Like A Shot At Ronaldo?)

What some might call a down year for Messi is still an absolutely ridiculous year for anyone else, and it makes me want to throw up. First things first this man put up 25 goals, any other player, any other league who puts up 25 goals in a year would NEVER hear “What a down year”. This is the obnoxiously high standard that we hold Messi to and for a good reason. This man decided you know what goals are too easy I am getting a little older, lets sit back and set someone else up. Lets make THEM do the work. Messi breaks his old teammate and Spanish legend Xavi’s assist record by putting up 21 assists. TWENTY ONE. This man is listed as a forward, but if you watch Barcelona as much as I have to you know he just gets the ball and goes wherever the f*ck he wants with it. Lionel Messi now not just the all time goal scorer in the league, but he holds the single season assist record. Also probably assists or that is coming next.


Next one and this honestly isn’t even that impressive because I have seen him do it so consistently, but it is also absolutely ridiculous that he has done it. He broke not only the record for most Pichichis earned (7), but he also now has the longest streak of Pichichis winning his 4th in a row. Now this is Lionel Messi he is the favorite to win the Pichichi every single year, but you still gotta go DO IT. Dude had 46 goal contributions this year just in the league, and I just can’t even begin to imagine what Barcelona are going to do without him.


                                                    (This isn’t even all of them)

FINALLY, what I really want to talk about… Sergio Ramos. Now Sergio Ramos if you ask me has always been the GOAT CB. Yes there is Canavarro, Beckenbauer, and Maldini… but this is Sergio Ramos we are talking about. The man has won it all done it all with Madrid and needs a new contract. These records just establish what is common knowledge to me. I think he reestablished how much of a necessity he is in this Madrid side not only with his leadership, but his goal scoring ability. Sergio has always been known for his goalscoring, but this year at age 34 he did it again. Cementing that offensive ability by putting up 11 goals from center back. Now I know what you are gonna say “Most of those are penalties”… Well the next closest player to him had over 50% of his career goals were penalties so I DONT CARE. He is still a center back, he is banging in headers, he is banging in free kicks, and he has 22 straight from the spot. Those 11 goals are the record for most in a single season by a defender, and he was the second leader in goals on Real Madrid.


Finally, what really cements Ramos as the GOAT…. he is at the top. Sergio Ramos earlier this season became the all time leader in goals as a defender. He past the old Barcelona man Ronaldo Koeman back in June, and hasn’t stopped scoring since. At one point he was on a 3 match goal streak and only ended it because of yellow card suspension.(Such a Ramos thing to do) Sergio Ramos shattered the 68 goals that Koeman was holding the record with as he currently sits at 72. The fact that he is at 72, and he is going to keep on stacking on top of that makes me very happy. This is a record that most likely is sticking around for a while. We have not seen a center back with the offensive capabilities that Sergio Ramos has, and I hear they only come around every 100 years. Maybe Ramos will teach one of his sons the way of the center back, and we will have the record broken in like 30 years.


This season has to go down as one to remember, for Madristas we lifted our 34th title, for Barcelona Lionel Messi showed his game is always evolving, the season was stopped right in the middle, and some legends called it. This is mostly a shout to Santi Cazorla, but everyone else leaving I will miss you as well. Thank you La Liga for filling my weekends with all the emotions, see you again soon.


Written by: Anthony “Young Leg” Shopa (@ayoungleg)

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