La Liga Ref Bias

Well, I woke up this morning feeling pretty good, and then I get an alert about an article claiming La Liga refs prefer Real Madrid. Now I am sitting here thinking…. Can you blame them? I mean if you gotta pick between Madrid and Barca is it really even a hard decision? Next thought I had is well does that mean we should be getting more calls? Set pieces? Penalties? Like what are the possibilities here? Then I took a look at the numbers and well I am just going to assume Eduardo Iturralde Gonzalez (former La Liga Referee and known Athletic Bilbao fan) is just a fucking hater. Here is his quote from the article…


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Link to the article right here —> Click this to read

Now this was written up by ESPN’s Barcelona correspondent Sam Marsden who I have no problems with him or his work. Having a Barcelona fan write this I find shady, but whatever.This guy also made me do math this morning so 2 strikes for him. I am here to even the playing field Madristas. After seeing that somehow 90% off the officials NINETY PERCENT are some how Madrid supporters and our numbers are still that close to Barca’s I was upset. Then I got to the STATS and my brain started MOVIN.


Throughout this season Barcelona has received 62 yellow cards and 5 red cards. In the same amount of time Real Madrid have earned 53 yellow cards and 3 red cards. Pardon my math but that doesn’t seem like a 90 to 10 ratio, either way moving on.


Over the 19/20 season Real Madrid have been given 7 penalties (scoring all 7..just sayin’) to Barcelona’s 4 penalties (they also are at 100% to be fair). Again checking my math, but that doesn’t seem like a 90-10 ratio in Madrid’s favor. Also Ramos has more penalty goals than Messi but NBD he is a CB.


Finally, and this one was the real kicker for me because saying something so outlandish like “90% of officials in Spain support Madrid!” and then I look at the foul counts for this season… COME ON MAN! This season (so far) Barcelona has been guilty of 302 fouls, that is 11.18 fouls per game. Not bad… Real Madrid on the other hand in the same amount of games have 345 fouls, that is 12.8 fouls per game.


Here is the other massive kicker in the games that Real Madrid played Barcelona, in their most recent loss Barcelona had 10 fouls to Real Madrid’s 13 fouls. Then the first Clasico we saw in December, you know the one where Madrid got robbed of a PK and Varane got spartan kicked in the box. Real Madrid 17 fouls…. Barcelona 5. 5 ONLY FIVE, so I guess that 10% of the league happened to fall on both of those days. Or Madrid fans are such good, and honest people that they felt Barcelona needed all the help they could get to find a positive result. The only 2 situations that could have happened is that Madrid fans are the nicest officials on the planet and wanted Barcelona to have a shot, or the Barca supporting officials just couldn’t do enough to stop Madrid.


Either way, what a stupid comment to make when you yourself as an official weren’t a fan of either team. Like to say the ridiculous amount of 90 to 10 just makes me never want to hear another quote from you again. Plenty of officials born is Seville, Malaga, Granada, Betis, etc. Just so many other refs that could of been in his exact same position. It was almost like he wanted to flex about being a Bilbao fan as if they even need to flex in Spain. Great club, great history I have a ton of respect for them. But if Madrid and Barcelona are dominating 100% of officials where did he fall being a Bilbao fan? I am not the best mathematician, but these numbers aren’t lining up buddy.


Written by: Anthony “Young Leg” Shopa (@ayoungleg)

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