Mo Salah King of the Premiership

They said he wasn’t mature enough, (for the PL).


They said he wasn’t strong enough, (for the PL).


They said he wasn’t skilled enough, (for the PL).


Mo Salah’s two year spell at Stamford Bridge wasn’t exactly one to remember. Having netted just two goals and four assists in 19 total appearances, the FC Basel transfer was doomed to be another #RentBoyOnTour.

Then came his evolution at Fiorentina. Salah’s exploits were beginning to develop as he netted six tallies in a ruthlessly physical Serie A. Six goals and three assists in 16 league appearances was just enough to convince Abramovich’s Board to sell the Egyptian to AS Roma.


Shocking that Jose Mourinho didn’t see what was coming next. 34 tallies. 24 assists. 83 appearances over the course of two seasons. Keep licking those salt wounds oh “Special One”.

Any chance Jose was suffering from severe stomach cramps when he saw the attacking winger was returning to the league where he was once deemed not good enough? By said gaffer in London?


You can bet your lucky stars that Alan Shearer, Luis Suarez, and Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t see their Premier League record of 31 goals in a 38-game campaign falling.

No one did.

Let’s ignore Chelsea’s recent history of loaning/selling talented prospects just before their breakout campaigns. (By the way, have you seen that list? It’s a World XI. Instead of KDB at The Bridge though, Danny Drinkwater everybody! Shame.)


Mo Salah has flown past defenders and blasted his way into the annals of Premier League lore in 17/18. Reds all over the world should be happy. After joining Liverpool a year ago he has won 33 individual awards. These awards being capped off with a golden boot and PFA player of the year.


The “Special One” should be seeing a floppy-haired blur in his nightmares. Good times indeed.

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