Oh Captain My …. What the F***

We have a new captain at Arsenal Football Club and his name is Matteo….wait, what? Granit Xhaka?! This an absolute joke. This man is a walking yellow card and he times his tackles so erratically way to often to the captain of this side. 


Xhaka’s track record at Arsenal has been mixed. While I will admit he has had some extremely good games he also has had extremely bad games and in my opinion the bad games far outnumber the good games. The Swiss international has played in 107 matches for Arsenal and has recorded an astounding seven goals. That’s right, seven. An absolute legend. I know that Xhaka is primarily used as a center defensive midfielder but it blows my mind that this man is starting over Ceballos in this current squad. The United game, Emery brought out three defensive midfielders and had Torreria playing the attacking midfielder role. While Torreria is a good little player he is by no means an attacking midfielder. Torreria gets stuck in constantly, much like Xhaka, but in my opinion he does so better than the Swiss international. 


The fact that Xhaka is even starting over Torreria, who is officially back from injury, is blasphemous. The Gunners two best central defensive midfielders presently are Guendouzi and Torreria, put those two together all the time please. Guendouzi is the facilitator, his long balls have been absolutely on point this year. Whereas Torreria is a more offensively gifted than Xhaka but gets equally as stuck in. 


This was a mind blowing move from Unai Emery, and it begs the question…Emery Out? Same amount of points through his first 45 matches as Arsene Wenger’s last 45 matches. It really begs the question, what has this man done to improve the club? By giving Xhaka the armband he made the squad extremely weak, because it would appear that this means that Xhaka has earned a starting role week in and week out. This simple fact puts Arsenal at a disadvantage every week from this point forward. 


Honestly, completely floored with this decision. Terrible choice, give it to Guendouzi, Auba, Leno, pretty much anybody other than him. We should have dropped his ass this past summer, but no us Gooners are going to have to watch this complete ball job bottle every game from this point forward. AND HE’S SURPRISINGLY SOFT, MENTALLY WEAK. 


Written by: Tyler Bond (@bond16)

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