On That Day In Roma History

On 28 March 1993 a young Francesco Totti took the pitch for Roma. It was the first step of a legendary career that spanned 24 seasons. Totti may possibly go down in history as one of the last one-club legends. The man had ample opportunities to change the course of his career, whether that be a big money move to Madrid or a transfer to Serie A rivals Juventus. The kid born in Rome never wanted to leave his hometown club and even said that “one league title for Roma is worth ten at Juventus or Madrid”. 


Throughout the course of his illustrious career, Totti had some truly memorable goals. Just give this clip a watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjroucVaOFU 

Totti had a total of 785 appearances for Roma during which he scored an incredible 307 goals across all competitions. The most underrated thing about Totti is the fact that he was not always the goal scorer. Totti, especially early on and during the peak of his performance during the Scudetto run, he was the playmaker. He was, and in my opinion, will be one of the two people who enabled Roma to be a dominant force even if they did not have all of the pieces. Totti and de Rossi are synonymous with Roma football for the last two decades and you cannot tell the story of Roma football without them. Totti is the Captain, de Rossi was the promised one, and Totti certainly taught a lot to de Rossi about what it means to support your boyhood club through thick and thin. And it frankly sickens me the way these two legends were treated. The amount of passion and success these two individuals brought to Roma was thrown by the wayside of the board of directors and Roma can never truly heal until that relationship is repaired. 


It would be lovely to see the day where de Rossi becomes the manager and Totti becomes the operating director. Totti knows what it takes to win in Rome, he did it his entire life, and never once did he decide to leave the club. The city means too much to him and he showed that day in a day out for 24 years. Not only did he do that for his club but also did extremely well in a limited amount of appearances, 58, and only 9 goals. Totti called it quits in his international career after Italy won the 2006 World Cup, but he could have played many more matches for the Azzuri. A generational player if there ever was one and, in my opinion, he was constantly overlooked at times across the world stage. The qualities he exhibited day in and day out for club and country deserved to be praised more. 


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