Pogba Out?

Would it be a real summer if questions didn’t surround Manchester United and the future of the club. As usual the twitter army’s are up in arms, kicking and screaming about the future like their lives depend upon it. With one player in and none out thus far the biggest question still surrounding the club is the future of one Paul Pogba. From my viewpoint, there are only three options for the 26 year old midfielder, let’s break them down shall we. 


Option number one.

Pogba could do the one thing just about every world class player wants to do and become a Madrista. Real Madrid is one of very few clubs who could afford Pogba at United’s asking price of around 160 million. Also on that subject I have no idea where that number came from. Statistically he had his best year at United this past season, but that’s almost a 70 million increase since he was purchased from Juventus. However I do not think Madrid would offer outright cash for Pogba. I can see one of two things happening. The first being Bale plus cash. United need a winger, and Bale is not in Zidane’s plans at Real Madrid. The downside is Bale’s injury problems, with that being said, United should ask for more money so I would say 80 million plus Bale, do to the risk in taking on an injury prone player. The second option would be James Rodriguez plus cash. James is a midfielder that United could use because they do not have a true playmaker if they lose Pogba. The only problem with James is his value could increase based off of his Copa America performances. I would say 50-60 million plus James. 


Option number two.

Pogba could return to Juventus. This one is a long shot in my opinion. I do not believe that Juve has the resources, to make a move for Pogba worth United’s time. If United sign a Right Back then one of two players Juve could offer to United is irrelevant. Alex Sandro has had links to United in the past, but I do believe that ship has sailed. If Juve offer Dybala plus cash, that would be their best option. With a new coach at Juve I do not know if he would want to deal Dybala. This is a legitimate option, but I think it is the most unlikely to happen. 


Option number three.

Stay at United. I think this is most likely to happen. Pogba on his day is world class and I think he could lead united into a new generation. With the proper push he could help develop the younger players, and get the best out of his peers. Look back on the World Cup he played outstanding, no armband, not having to try and take over the game day in and day out, and just having talent around him. If United spend a little money and put players around him, he could be that player. Again I think he should stay at United and prove himself to all the doubters, all the haters, and make them realize what they have. 


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