Premier League Come Back?

Last Saturday, April 18th, SportBible posted an article titled “Premier League Clubs set to use fake crowd noise if games are played behind closed doors. Here is an excerpt from the article: 

Brighton & Hove Albion are one of the clubs leading the charge and chief executive Paul Barber explained:

“We’ve started to give some thought internally into, ‘Could we dress the stadium?’

“Could we make the stadium better than just blue empty seats in our case? Could we look at noise being brought into the stadium in some way, but is that really what the fans at home would want and is that what the broadcasters would want?


Now frankly, I think this is insane. Not only from the standpoint that it may overwhelm the emergency services in England as there needs to be certified medical staff at the games. However, much of the certified medical staff is needed elsewhere making this push to start games completely asinine. From a reasonable persons point of view, this is just complete nonsense and the fact that Premier League executives are pushing for this is a problem, especially when clubs are dealing with the financial limitations there are facing and have a moral and ethical duty to provide for their workers who, through not fault of their own, cannot make a living in this current state.


From a football fan point of view I find this absolutely disgusting. I have no problem with dressing up the seating to provide for more enjoyable viewing pleasure, that seems fine to me. What I have a real problem with is pumping crowd noise into the stadium. Even if matches are to be played behind closed doors, which according to the latest news, will not occur until sometime after June 8th, this would be a terrible look for the Premier League. 


Personally I have no problem watching a closed doors match, I have done it numerous times, and frankly I enjoy watching the game in that perspective. As a college coach I love the fact that I can hear the constant communication coming from players and the coaching staff is the one thing I enjoy the most. One thing, in my opinion, that is missing from the American game is that constant communication between teammates and it would certainly be beneficial for American teams, at the youth level, the high school level, and the college level to experience watching a game on TV from that perspective. One game I vividly remember is Arsenal having to play a closed door game in Russia and the communication was unbelievable, and it goes to show that in order to be able to perform at that level it is not just about skill but ability to communicate effectively with teammates. You can have all the skill in the world but it means nothing if you cannot communicate with your teammates. 


Playing the games behind closed doors? Great idea. Dressing the stadium? Great Idea. Pumping crowd noise through the stadium speakers? ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE IDEA.

Credit: Daniel Marland 

Written by: Tyler Bond aka “Charlie Tweeder” (@tybond16)

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